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imbue (someone or something) with (something)

To fill, instill, or inspire someone or something with a particular quality or trait. We've always tried to imbue our children with a strong sense of empathy for other people. It's clear to see that the filmmakers imbued the documentary with the anger felt by many working-class people.
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imbue someone with something

to indoctrinate someone with something; to build something into someone. I tried to imbue my children with a strong sense of justice. Her thinking and attitudes had been imbued with childhood fears.
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He noted that since the electric power industry is imbued with public interest, "service should be provided continuously and without unjustified interruption.
You just don't hear imbrued or imbued any more in everyday speech, and the argument would be that if you have words like saturate and stain, permeate, pervade and inspire, why would you need 'em?
Meticulously researched and presented, with an almost classical knack for literary grace, No Ordinary Terror follows Richard and Emma Watson, twin children imbued with the heritage of the legendary Dr.
In his judgement Justice Weiler agreed with the men's argument that the Tribunal has been imbued with powers to consider questions of law, including the Code, and that power is further supported because "the power to apply the Code has not been excluded in the ODSPA, either expressly or by implication.
The material is made of vanadium dioxide imbued with traces of tungsten.
But readers should care about "political correctness"--particularly when a copy editor is so imbued with the doctrine that he will reflexively change "pro-life" to "anti-abortion" even in instances where the "pro-life" reference has nothing to do with the abortion issue.
Phenomena observed inherent skewing chaos seething empiricisms reveal inate ironies embedded in physical data natural anomalies subtlety imbued not anthroimpositions but preexisting eons ago logical inconsistancies mathematically absurd, but yet not absurd, conditions mutually exclusive, but yet not so.
Some experts believe that what many countries really fade is not a water crisis but a governance crisis, and that good water governance requires effective and accountable systems imbued with transparent and participatory processes that address both ecological and human needs.
Most of Mike Brown's mentors are imbued with the principles Frank Buchman bequeathed to MRA/IC and which Kim Beazley Snr learned at Caux: 'searching for God's leading, testing any thoughts that come against absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love'.
He is quite aware that today such a thesis can hardly be considered a novelty: on the contrary, it begins to have a long history behind it which Ciliberto delineates with undoubted finesse, tracing it back to the "alternative" idea of Renaissance, and previously of late classical culture as deeply imbued with occult and spiritual currents of thought, developed in the 1920s by Aby Warburg and his followers.
Imbued with a heightened sense of social responsibility, a renewed commitment to help?
The integration of electronics into the chassis of vehicles has imbued even what were once considered simple components with intelligence.
His previous book-length poem Omeros--which was followed by the collection of poems titled The Bounty--observed its characters through a history imbued with Homeric myth.
The scruffy, rock/youth-myth - oriented Springsteen was fed books about Woody Guthrie and imbued with a "social conscience.
The book is "framed" by chapters on institutions, starting with an exploration of eighteenth-century England's Magdalen Hospital for penitent prostitutes and the feminine ideal of charity, and ending with a discussion of the Florence Crittendon Homes for unwed mothers in late-nineteenth-century America, and the ways in which these were imbued by an ideal of "corrective domesticity.