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imbue (someone or something) with (something)

To fill, instill, or inspire someone or something with a particular quality or trait. We've always tried to imbue our children with a strong sense of empathy for other people. It's clear to see that the documentary was imbued with the anger felt by many working-class people.
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imbue someone with something

to indoctrinate someone with something; to build something into someone. I tried to imbue my children with a strong sense of justice. Her thinking and attitudes had been imbued with childhood fears.
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As well as the prints, the store has worked with Imbue on an exclusive T-shirt to accompany the exhibition, which will be available to buy from Friday.
And while that's obviously balderdash, it's the first time in many centuries that Schama got too glib - and even then, he still manages to imbue the soft-sell sheen of history with insight.
Screenwriter William Boyd, adapting his novel, doesn't quite imbue the film with the cheek his book boasted, and at three hours, ``Armadillo'' feels a bit padded (the filmmakers could've probably shaved off a half-hour simply by excising all the driving- and walking-around scenes).
from both political rookies and vets -- as there always is when the spirit of a new year and a new era imbues everyone with a conciliatory heart.
Gibson also imbues the secondary character with appropriate voices, making for easy visuals.
The attention to natural detail imbues the book so strongly that when the Exxon Valdez oil tanker alters that environment overnight, the horror and depression that Holleman describes in her community is palpable (see features, this issue).
These types of gestures emphasize a sense of community that imbues the work.
If its density is constant, then dark energy may resemble what Einstein called the cosmological constant--an unchanging property of empty space that imbues the universe with a constant acceleration.
Benedict's democratic and hospitable presence now imbues cyberspace.
Far from trivializing them, TV imbues these stories with an impact no other medium can approach.
This imbues him with the ability to see and interact with all of Appleday's menagerie, including Croco the Alligator, Tux the Penguin and the famous feuding team of Pickles and Prickles.
Nobody imbues Chopin with as rich a sense of humanity as Robbins does.
The expressiveness in Petronio's earlier work could be measured by absolute standards--velocity and ground clearance--but he imbues his later choreography with an immeasurable dose of humanity.
The city's rich musical heritage imbues the Big Easy with much of its indelible aura, and the film notes that many of its musicians have either relocated elsewhere or found it, to date, untenable to return.
He imbues the characters with life, individualizing voices and keeping the action moving at a good pace.