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chemical imbalance

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of a mental illness or disorder. I think I might have a chemical imbalance or something, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, do you have some kind of chemical imbalance or something?
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chemically imbalanced

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of being mentally ill. I think I might be a bit chemically imbalanced, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, are you chemically imbalanced or something?
See also: imbalance
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Recall that in CM, imbalances are related to External, Internal and Miscellaneous factors.
Mosek discovered her symptoms were related to a severe case of hormonal imbalance.
For years, I had observed imbalances in what have always been called "naturally balanced" runners.
For example, the order imbalance in Coca-Cola on Monday showed a net of 911,000 shares to be sold.
Moreover, enormous challenges increase the vulnerabilities connected with current global imbalances.
What we are looking at is how this imbalance manifests in this particular individual, and that helps us personalize treatment and come closer to the best remedy for them.
Have we moved into a new environment where inflation imbalances no longer threaten the stability and growth of our economy in ways they once did?
Rato, the IMF's managing director, one has to wonder whether he will fare any better than did the Titanic's captain when some future inquest looks into how today's global imbalances unwound.
District officials have recently reported both a budget gap and a more permanent structural imbalance between costs and revenue raising capacity.
Differences over the causes of and ways to cure global economic imbalances were also on display at a public debate among the world's top central bankers on Friday.
Large and persistent external imbalances built up during the upswing
In these forests, as at Fichtelgebirge, acidic pollutants initiated nutrient imbalances that have weakened the trees to the point where all it takes to finish them off are insects, fungal infections or such vicissitudes of weather as heat, drought and ice storms, he suggests.
Cufer will present the government measures as part of a debate on macroeconomic imbalances, which is being held after a European Commission report published in April found excessive imbalances in Slovenia and Spain.
A IMBALANCES occur when one muscle or muscle group becomes stronger than its opposing muscle.
Summary: PARIS - European Central Bank policymaker Axel Weber warned global central bankers on Friday that economic imbalances could worsen faster than first expected to pre-crisis levels and urged the G-20 to push ahead with tackling them.