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chemical imbalance

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of a mental illness or disorder. I think I might have a chemical imbalance or something, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, do you have some kind of chemical imbalance or something?
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chemically imbalanced

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of being mentally ill. I think I might be a bit chemically imbalanced, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, are you chemically imbalanced or something?
See also: imbalance
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In team D, one of the members has the high domain knowledge; but highly imbalanced in terms of domain expertise of other team members.
For the imbalanced data, resampling is one of the important solutions to the problem of IDS classification, of which the clustering sampling method is widely accepted in recent years and has achieved good results [14].
To overcome the imbalance problem in text classification and to improve classifier performance, data resampling technology is applied to imbalanced data.
The three line-to-neutral voltages measured in the PCC when the imbalanced voltage sag occurs are shown in Fig.
But foreign ministry spokesman Janan Musazai told a news conference in Kabul that the story was "completely inaccurate in many instances and totally imbalanced.
First, it lowers operating costs and, second, it provides predictive maintenance capabilities that are crucial in identifying performance degradation from irregularities like turbine compressor fouling, imbalanced fuel nozzles, compressor rotating stall, expander efficiency degradation, and exhaust pressure drop.
As an online qualitative research tool, GutCheck connects businesses, agencies and marketers with research participants supplied by uSamp's panel, for one-on-one chat interviews that produce insights while eliminating the timelines, costs and potentially imbalanced group dynamics associated with conventional focus groups.
Louis, MOAuMaking food choices based on television advertising results in a very imbalanced diet according to a new study comparing the nutritional content of food choices influenced by television to nutritional guidelines published in the June issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.
The company's imbalanced capital structure, given its January 2012 bank facility maturity, is another major rating concern.
The odds ratio for goal scoring by one playing tactic compared to the opposite tactic at home versus away when playing against a balanced defence and against an imbalanced defence separately, deleting the rest of the situations, was estimated.
Summary: Barack Obama has said that the world economy is failing to address imbalanced growth will lead to further crises.
The first paper by Folleco, Khoshgoftaar, Hulse and Napolitano presents their investigation into the robustness of a variety of common-used learning algorithms relative to low quality, class imbalanced measurement data.
Launched in the 1970s, the one-child law initiated a systematic program of forced abortion, forced sterilization, privacy invasion, and a seriously imbalanced sex ratio because parents abort girls in order to have a preferred male heir.
Taking this schedule of geographically imbalanced Group races in conjunction with the decrease in Levy Board prizemoney and the increasing uncertainty of sponsorship, the recommendations of priority and reallocation must take urgent precedence.