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chemical imbalance

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of a mental illness or disorder. I think I might have a chemical imbalance or something, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, do you have some kind of chemical imbalance or something?
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chemically imbalanced

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of being mentally ill. I think I might be a bit chemically imbalanced, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, are you chemically imbalanced or something?
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4.) as a measure for successfulness of identification the presumption of recognizing the samples of console vibration imbalance by the SOM neural network has been demonstrated.
Recommendation: To improve the Minerals Management Service's oversight of the RIK gas program and help ensure that the nation receives its fair share of RIK gas, the Secretary of the Interior should monitor daily gas imbalances to determine whether the allocation practices of gas operators are resulting in lost revenue to MMS.
Table-IV: Mortality profile among patients with and without electrolyte imbalance.
It is observed that most of the diabetics die of heart problems because of an imbalance of hormones that disturbs blood pressure and cholesterol levels, he added.
The main reason of filling imbalance is a nonlinear melt velocity distribution in the runners, and a nonlinear shear rate distribution that determines the melt viscosity.
When angular velocity [omega] < [[omega].sub.res] external resistance (forces of friction in bearings, forces of friction of a cylinder moving in air, etc.) causes a backlog of a deflection plane (I-I) from the plane of total imbalance (O[C.sub.c]) at the angle 8 (Fig.
LH and FSH levels were found to be elevated in majority of females with hormonal imbalance (Table 2).
The BSP said the imbalance in the BOP, effectively a summary of the country's transactions with the rest of the world, could have been larger were these not offset by the net foreign-currency deposits of the national government and income from the BSP's investments abroad.
Below are six of the most common signs of a hormonal imbalance you're probably ignoring:
They address the impact of the reform of formal leadership structures in the Common Foreign and Security Policy on dealing with global imbalances, economic imbalances between the EU and Africa, the global imbalance in innovative entrepreneurship, the imbalance in the responsibility of different countries for the climate, the protection of human rights, the imbalance between the EU and China, the relationship between the EU and Russia, and the perception of the EU in the rest of the world and effects on its capacity to address imbalances.
NNA - Labora, favours putting a quick end to an ongoing sectarian imbalance inside Lebanese state organs, father Tony Khadra of Labora Institute complained in Bkirki today.
However, because the conventional direct conversion architecture is sensitive to local oscillation and the matching between the components of the in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) channels, they have especially an effect to DC offset and I/Q imbalance [4].
And many of us are particularly suffering from the so-called acid reflux which results from stomach acid imbalance. This is why our stomach acid needs to be properly regulated.