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chemical imbalance

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of a mental illness or disorder. I think I might have a chemical imbalance or something, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, do you have some kind of chemical imbalance or something?
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chemically imbalanced

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of being mentally ill. I think I might be a bit chemically imbalanced, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, are you chemically imbalanced or something?
See also: imbalance
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I was sure this degree of imbalance was too large to be true.
The fact that the United States has a big imbalance on its current account means that there's other imbalances elsewhere in the system.
Hormone imbalance can be the cause of a variety of health issues and some studies link hormone imbalance to the risk of more serious ailments such as heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, memory loss, high cholesterol, depression and mood swings.
This imbalance is what leads to possible infection and allergic reactions.
Set amid a society that prizes multitasking, business success above personal interests, and the virtual worship of naked greed, Lemon Curd reveals how life imbalance translates to personal imbalance and follows the couple's struggle to resolve both internal and external contentiousness.
While traditional mold-balance analyses provide only a percent imbalance and offer no direction as to the root cause of the imbalance, the 5 Step Process helps isolate variations and quantify mold imbalances by their root cause--typically shear-induced flow imbalances or variations in the steel construction of the mold itself.
These disparities are corrected using plant medicine or other therapies with a predominate quality opposite of that imbalance.
It is a result of this uneven strength in the primary movers due to the spiral imbalance of the dysfunctional state.
Such changes have adjusted the managerial "span of control" by correcting a long-standing imbalance in the number of employees reporting to managers; eliminated management redundancy and overlap in some field offices; and adjusted the geographic "footprints" of its Industry areas to become more compact and cohesive.
Consistent with systemic trading activity providing information about market factors, Hasbrouck and Seppi (2001) show that the order imbalance in other stocks is an economically significant determinant of the intraday return on a stock even in the presence of the stock's own order imbalance.
Yet even on the far side of this healing adventure, it took me awhile to understand how hormone imbalance, the environment and our inner ecology are inextricably linked--and how I'd unwittingly contributed to my illness.
In bilingual children, this imbalance is often linked to an imbalance in the amount and/or quality of input that they receive in each language (McLaughlin, Blanchard & Osanai, 1995).
The fact that these symptoms occur well into these extended events suggests that dehydration or electrolyte imbalance is affecting peristalsis.