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(well,) imagine that!

An expression of surprise, astonishment, or disbelief, especially regarding some recent revelation. Bob: "You know, if you run your washing machine at night you can save a lot of money on your electric bill." John: "Well, imagine that! I've never heard of such a thing!" Four hundred people came to see our concert tonight? Imagine that!
See also: imagine

can you imagine

A phrase used to express the speaker's surprise, astonishment, or perhaps horror about something. And then Dave just stood up in the middle of the board meeting and started yelling at the CEO. Can you imagine? I turned away for one second and the baby crawled right into the mud. Can you imagine?
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imagine (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To envision or picture someone or something as somehow different than they currently are. I've only known Carly as a yoga teacher, so I really can't imagine her as an investment banker, but apparently, that's what she used to do. Come on, no negativity—the show hasn't even aired yet, so try to imagine it as a success.
See also: imagine

you're imagining things

You're making things up or seeing things that are not real. You're imagining things—there's nothing going on between Bill and me.
See also: imagine, thing
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Can you imagine?

Can you believe that?; Imagine that! She wore jeans to the wedding. Can you imagine? Billy was eating the houseplant! Can you imagine?
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envision someone as someone else

 and envision something as something else
to imagine or fantasize someone as someone else; to imagine or fantasize something as something else. I envision her as the next company president. We envisioned this as larger than it turned out to be.
See also: else, envision

Fancy that!

 and Imagine that!
I am very surprised to hear that.; That is hard to imagine or believe. Mary: My father was elected president of the board. Sally: Fancy that! Sue: This computer is ten times faster than the one we had before. Jane: Imagine that! Is it easy to operate? Sue: Of course not.
See also: fancy

imagine someone or something as someone or something

to think of someone or something as another person or another type of thing. I really can't imagine you as a sailor. When I imagine John as our new president, I really worry about our future as a company.
See also: imagine
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Fancy that!

exclam. Imagine that! Fancy that! There’s a piece of pie left in the fridge.
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