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Description--a text-based description provides details on the material being observed for each data set, including the date and hour that the sample was actually imaged at the ESRF facility.
The proposed procedure would also require taxpayers to retain imaged documents "until their contents are no longer material to the administration of the Internal Revenue laws" (Regs.
Finally, we note that many of the potential problems addressed in these comments -- for example, those related to the need to remain flexible in order to take advantage of new technology as well as those related to the conversion of imaged documents when the taxpayer changes imaging systems -- will be ameliorated by the IRS's becoming more current in its audits.
The images reveal a huge yellow-white spot that may represent the freshest volcanic deposit ever imaged on Io.
Because metals absorb T rays completely, they cannot be imaged by this technique, but water partially absorbs the radiation and shows up clearly in T-ray images, says Nuss.
And for planetary bodies that appear flat because they were imaged when the sun shone directly overhead, stereo coverage can return the third dimension stolen by the absence of shadows in a single picture.
Nearly a month after a successful photo session, the Galileo spacecraft last week finished radioing to Earth a high-resolution portrait of the second asteroid ever to be imaged from space.
Far-side regions that Galileo will view when it returns for its fleeting lunar visit in December should overlap with portions of the surface imaged by Mariner 10 in 1973, Robinson notes.
One of its telescopes captures X-ray images with unprecedented sharpness; the other detects ultraviolet wavelengths never before imaged from space.
The New York group has also imaged such patterns through samples of chicken and human breast tissue about 3.5 millimeters thick.