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illustrate something with something

1. to provide pictorial examples for a book or other document. She illustrated her book with clever line drawings. We need someone to illustrate this book with drawings.
2. Fig. to use something to show how something works, how something is meant to be, or how to do something. Would you please illustrate how to do it with a drawing or two? I think I can illustrate what I mean with a little more explanation.
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So reported below, we used Boo's example to illustrate how we dealt with the violations.
Alan Forrest explores the limits of popular support as he highlights Napoleonic expectations of local notables to work for the regime, in particular to enforce conscription, taxation, and military order, and illustrates that these were the very issues that divided imperial society.
Prints from this era illustrate as well the popularity of the violent martyrdoms of the early Christian saints.
Schafer's picture illustrates 10 movie images that, according to the period's Hollywood Production Code, you just couldn't show unless the Code's enforcers cut you a break.
1375) on mathematical planetary theory is used to illustrate the chapter on cosmology (p.
To illustrate how the figures of court dance became clearly defined spatially, a male dancer is shown performing the balletic directions (alignments), such as croise devant, ecarte, efface.
For example, the young American painter Sean Scully picked Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and will illustrate it with eight abstract color etchings.
From a coloring picture illustrating principles of horizontal convergence and foreshortening in art, to a hydrogen atm circled by an electron to illustrate subatomic particles, to a simple picture of Einstein himself playing his the violent, Art + Science is a one-of-a-kind eclectic coloring and learning experience, highly recommended as an educational rainy-day activity.
Lotte Hellinga also directed the plan to illustrate the ISTC on CD-ROM, launched in 1994 as Project Incipit, managed by Margaret Meserve.
Figures 3-5 illustrate what is implied by the three solidification shrinkage types defined in Table 1.
In management classes, examples and case studies are often used to illustrate concepts.
Her primary purpose in including artists' work is to illustrate events and demonstrate how African Americans have interpreted and told their own histories, versus the accounts of black America created by white scholars and popular media.