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illustrate (something) with (something)

To add something, typically a picture, to something else (such as a book or instructional text), as to depict or further explain something. I need someone who can illustrate the manual with diagrams of how the machinery works. That kids' book is illustrated with the cutest cartoon bunnies!
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illustrate something with something

1. to provide pictorial examples for a book or other document. She illustrated her book with clever line drawings. We need someone to illustrate this book with drawings.
2. Fig. to use something to show how something works, how something is meant to be, or how to do something. Would you please illustrate how to do it with a drawing or two? I think I can illustrate what I mean with a little more explanation.
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Example 6: This example illustrates a standard case in which an inversion occurs.
Editor's note: This article uses a simplified example to illustrate how a lattice model works.
A number of other websites can also be considered to illustrate methods in practice that might interest students.
(I) This historical study combines the theme of place with superb photography to illustrate how people's decisions influence change.
It no longer illustrates a laughable and morally obtuse past; it now illustrates the morally obtuse present.
Perrone's (2002) case of Megan illustrates the difficulties faced by women pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated fields, in this case a career as a chemical engineer in a large corporation.
1375) on mathematical planetary theory is used to illustrate the chapter on cosmology (p.
These have a soft warmth which is appropriate for his topics: The stories he illustrates are mainly family stories.
To illustrate how the figures of court dance became clearly defined spatially, a male dancer is shown performing the balletic directions (alignments), such as croise devant, ecarte, efface.
They illustrate how to achieve wet-in-wet washes, flat washing and charging, before moving on to demonstrating ways of drawing with water by letting color flow and controlling the flow of color.
Graphics technology had become even more sophisticated: If you needed a picture to illustrate something you were writing about, chances are a producer had one close by in a carry-on bag.
For example, the young American painter Sean Scully picked Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and will illustrate it with eight abstract color etchings.
The recent arrival on the market of a modified glucocerebrosidase (Ceredase) for Gaucher's Disease and last year's approval of PEG-adenosine deaminase for severe combined immunodeficiency disease illustrate the growing capabilities of the pharmaceutical industry to provide endogenous compounds that patients are lacking.
They then proceed to illustrate this approach in action through the description and analysis of a number of state-of-the-art case examples.
From a coloring picture illustrating principles of horizontal convergence and foreshortening in art, to a hydrogen atm circled by an electron to illustrate subatomic particles, to a simple picture of Einstein himself playing his the violent, Art + Science is a one-of-a-kind eclectic coloring and learning experience, highly recommended as an educational rainy-day activity.