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illuminate something with something

1. Lit. to light up something with something. The lights illuminated the monument with a bright glow. The monument was illuminated with mercury vapor lamps.
2. Fig. to clarify or elucidate something with explanation. Please try to illuminate this matter with an explanation. Could you illuminate your answer with a little more detail?
3. to decorate a manuscript with pictures or designs, as done in medieval monasteries. The monks spent all their days illuminating manuscripts with pictures. No one has the patience to illuminate books with tiny designs.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (A play on lit.) Paul is a bit illuminated.
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In addition to the metaphoric and allusive address to these matters in his fiction, Coetzee has written illuminatingly about these issues in his critical writing, including White Writing (1988), Stranger Shores (2001), and Doubling the Point (ed.
One illuminatingly reverses the usual method by proceeding from a manuscript written at Runkelstein, a redaction of the Weltchronik of Heinrich von Munchen, and compares it with pictures of emperors (Roman and medieval) facing the courtyard of the castle.
Trebizond's contrasting concerns, meanwhile, are most illuminatingly revealed by his eager engagement with the strategic subtleties of ductus: a doctrine, as we have seen, whose utility and interest Merula is equally eager to dismiss.
In this presentation, I have limited myself to describing the main architecture of Schweitzer's analysis of Chinese thought in order to demonstrate the explanatory power of his heuristic and to show how seriously and illuminatingly he dealt with China.
In Tender, for instance, he turns especially to its last and perhaps most illuminatingly and complexly flawed real-life hero, Ulysses Grant (57, 118, 315).
Dayak swidden cultivation, with its system of mixed cropping, is one well-known example of such a strategy that Knapen illuminatingly examines from this perspective.
This issue has been discussed illuminatingly by Coles and Hammond (1995) who, after an extensive review of the survival aspect of Walrasian equilibrium and Pareto efficiency, observe
In the case of the unpublished works, the known locations of manuscripts are cited, and the subjects of the manuscripts themselves illuminatingly descanted upon.
Illuminatingly, the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed unanimously that there had been an illegal search.
However, the HDI has been illuminatingly disaggregated by sex, region and ethnic groups for a few countries, where data were available.
Illuminatingly, legal moralists like Stephen and George duly note that legislators make mistakes, that the criminal law is a blunt object, that the good life is plural, and so on.
Illuminatingly, Reinker has offered her freedom as well in a previous scene.
The new Judaisms that have appeared in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are related in various ways to what Neusner likes to refer to as the Judaism of the dual Torah - what others have called, perhaps less illuminatingly, normative Judaism.
The HDI has in fact been illuminatingly disaggregated by sex, region, and ethnic groups for a few countries, where data were available.
As for the nightmare childhood Butler chronicled in the autobiographical The Way of AU Flesh, Raby illuminatingly cites more objective views of the same events to demonstrate how Butler's battered self-esteem colored his perceptions.