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illuminate something with something

1. Lit. to light up something with something. The lights illuminated the monument with a bright glow. The monument was illuminated with mercury vapor lamps.
2. Fig. to clarify or elucidate something with explanation. Please try to illuminate this matter with an explanation. Could you illuminate your answer with a little more detail?
3. to decorate a manuscript with pictures or designs, as done in medieval monasteries. The monks spent all their days illuminating manuscripts with pictures. No one has the patience to illuminate books with tiny designs.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (A play on lit.) Paul is a bit illuminated.
See also: illuminate
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The Research Centre was responsible for much of the lighting research that resulted in Electricity Council and Illuminating Engineering Society publications and standards of the time.
Of particular interest in these chapters is the candid discussion of the events and individuals that eventually led to the merger of the Illuminating Engineering Society with the Institute of Heating and Ventilating Engineers to form the Chartered Institution of Building Services (CIBS) and eventually, after a row with The Council of Engineering Institutions about the name of the organization, The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).
It is also expected that BAE Systems would have delivered more than 60,000 rounds of 105mm white and infrared illuminating artillery shells to the UK MoD upon completion of this deal.
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are currently out to tender for the Supply and Delivery of Self Illuminating Rigid Disposable Sigmoidoscopes and Self Illuminating Rigid Disposable Proctoscopes.
The New York Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society is accepting submission for the 28th Annual Lumen Awards now through January 14, 2006.
The Lumens, which are sponsored by the IESNY, are part of the International Illumination Design Awards program of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.
The gendered character of hobbies will not surprise most readers, but Gelber does extend the story in surprising and illuminating ways that build on the fine work of feminist historians of domestic architecture.
For Dempsey, Brown's strengths lie in illuminating the social historical context of Spain and its ruling court, and his weaknesses emerge in his writing of Velazquez as a painter.
When the illuminating light is turned off, the charges stay put, in effect "remembering" the light pattern.
While Representing Women contains some illuminating and provocative, even polemical, pieces, it suffers from its origins: that is, as a conference proceedings, it lacks coherence.
By tuning the illuminating X-rays to a particular wavelength, researchers force only atoms of a certain element to respond, producing a characteristic "signature" that identifies the emitting atoms and possibly the scattering atoms.
And it places these Sidney-Herbert cousins in an illuminating perspective.
Particularly illuminating is Gibbons' view of the function of primitive fable or narrative as a stabilizing structure for the audience, especially when juxtaposed with the world of fashion and wit that governs the play's dialogues.