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of (someone's) ilk

Of the same type, class, or kind as someone. You can bet that, down on the docks, there are a great many men of his ilk loitering about at night.
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of that ilk

1. Scottish archaic Of the same territory, estate, or location of that name. (Implies the person is a proprietor or from a land-owning family or lineage.) John Johnstone of that ilk, the last remaining man of that line, died of consumption at an early age.
2. Of that same or a certain type, class, or kind. It really surprises me that they would let men of that ilk into a respectable place like this.
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of that ilk

Of the same kind or class. The word ilk is now rarely used (except in Scotland) other than in this cliché, which is actually a twisting of the original meaning. It comes from the Old English ilca, meaning “the same,” and is correctly used only in referring to a person whose last name is the same as that of his estate; for example, Cawdor of that ilk means “Cawdor of Cawdor.”
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McQueen will bring his playing days to an end and Doran says it will be a "miracle" if the club can find players of the same ilk. He said: "As a person, you can trust him with your life and there's not many people about like that.