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Supplements are a little iffier, but are an option (see sidebar and chart).
It's not funny enough, the premise is about as convincing as an EastEnders plot and the new cast couldn't be iffier if they'd come "four yokels for the price of three" straight from the Derek Trotter Agency.
The alternatives to Molson/Coors include a Miller/Coors merger--iffy on anti-trust grounds before the SAB/Miller deal, and iffier now--or acquisition by a company like Heineken or Interbrew.
For the record, of the 14 series handled Crit-O-Matic-ally last year, eight were canceled, and four were renewed despite dubious ratings and moved to iffier time slots this season.
Here are a few of the iffier expenses racked up at air bases in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
On the basis of his fair-trade record, Gephardt can plausibly hope to win support from manufacturing unions such as the United Auto Workers, but his backing among the increasingly dominant service-sector unions is iffier.
LATIN BEAT caught up with him after the release of a group effort, new age band Zazen's fourth album, Cayman Blue, an iffier record that nevertheless includes one absolutely killer track in the closing theme, Haitian High Priest.
Given the noises that both Ross Perot and Ralph Nader hike been making recently, however, this proposition looks iffier every day.
Comeback is iffier in the San Francisco Bay Area and comparable climates, and freesias are one-season plants in the Northwest.
The "sch" words are iffier, but we think they've got a future.
An automatic addition to the boomer fan's DVD shelf, Universal release will find a more challenging path theatrically; a lot of years have passed since 1979's "The Kids Are Alright," and while the band's back catalog is strong, their current draw is an iffier proposition.