if you've a mind to do

if you've a mind to do something

Rur. if you really want to do something. If you've a mind to run for class president, you'd best start making campaign posters. You can do just about anything if you've a mind to.
See also: if, mind
References in classic literature ?
At the same time, as though an invisible hand had lifted the weight which had repressed her tears in her heart for so long, she began to weep, and, in proportion as her tears flowed, she felt all that was most acrid and bitter in her grief depart with them.
We have supplicated heaven in vain to grant us this favor, but the whole affair has had a mysterious meaning that we cannot comprehend -- we have been guided by an invisible hand, -- a hand as powerful as that of an enchanter.
Lifted through the air, exchanged into invisible hands that drew him through a narrow diameter of brass into a lighted room, Michael looked about him in expectancy of Jerry.
The hand holding the candle protruded from that envelope which the other invisible hand clasped together under her very chin.
A huge black, standing directly before him, lunged backward as though felled by an invisible hand.
Then it was some invisible hand, reaching out from I don't know where.
They saw the flashes and the men falling and an invisible hand, as it were, lit the bushes as it hurried towards them through the twilight.
She said afterwards that she had never seen in all her life such a face as the King made, when he found himself held in the air by an invisible hand, and being dusted: he was far too much astonished to cry out, but his eyes and his mouth went on getting larger and larger, and rounder and rounder, till her hand shook so with laughing that she nearly let him drop upon the floor.
Conceive my cold horror on arriving at the open window just in time to see the last of hooks and bending rod, as they floated out of sight and reach into the outer darkness of the night, removed by some silent and invisible hand below!
Whence the coal came, and how brought thither by an invisible hand, I have never been able to discover.