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idolize (someone or something) as (something)

To view someone or something in a particularly admiring or reverential way. Johnny, your siblings idolize you as a real celebrity now that you've had the lead in a play. I'm not surprised that he's getting divorced again, what with the way he idolizes relationships as a cure for his depression.
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idolize someone or something as something

to worship or adore someone or something as being something. We all idolized Jim as our hero. They idolized wealth as a cure for all their ills.
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Idolize manager Neil Wylie revealed: 'Owen is out of the coma and is starting a rehabilitation programme.
LEADING racehorse trainer Mark Johnston has spoken of the "thrill" that he and his family enjoyed when Idolize became his first winner as a greyhound trainer in landing a Pelaw Grange handicap on Sunday.
Owen Griffin, 21, a singer with five-piece band Idolize, is fighting for his life after a horrific crash last week, which claimed the lives of a toddler and a young dad.
If they indeed move away from northern development strategies, these nations can find some philosophical solace in the social teachings of the church, which has long been concerned with the West's tendency to idolize the free market.
Mark Johnston's move into the greyhound world is getting more and more exciting and it will not be long before Crush, Affection and Idolize (Crash-Adored, October 2011) the three Johnston-trained runners, hit the track.
As the first President to idolize Elvis Presley and have a favorite Beatle (Paul, I regret to report), Clinton raises generational and class anxieties about baby boomers actually coming into power.
Hannon's apprentice Lee Newman notched a double, the "sixth or seventh" of his career, with good wins on Idolize and Eastwell Hall.