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idolize someone or something as something

to worship or adore someone or something as being something. We all idolized Jim as our hero. They idolized wealth as a cure for all their ills.
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Idolize manager Neil Wylie revealed: 'Owen is out of the coma and is starting a rehabilitation programme.
Last night Idolize manager Neil Wylie said: 'These guys will be huge.
If they indeed move away from northern development strategies, these nations can find some philosophical solace in the social teachings of the church, which has long been concerned with the West's tendency to idolize the free market.
As the first President to idolize Elvis Presley and have a favorite Beatle (Paul, I regret to report), Clinton raises generational and class anxieties about baby boomers actually coming into power.
I'm not saying that Jean-Michel didn't idolize Charlie Parker or that there wasn't a dark side to his life.
It's the big leaguers who kids idolize and try to emulate.
Mom doesn't approve of his gruff, take-charge manner, but Philippe quickly comes to idolize Yvan.
Nearly three years later, the toddlers idolize their big brother, fight over the center car seat and possess a sense of teamwork - they help each other scale the safety gates intended to keep them out of certain rooms of the family's Valencia home.