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The organisers at Bhubaneswar's pandal, hence, came up with the idea of immersing an idol that would not harm the environment.
('Idol Philippines' is the only contest that I joined where I came out.
That doesn't mean being dark-skinned or not as tall as the majority makes an idol less attractive.
UNDP sources on Sunday said last year, Integrity Idol Pakistan created important conversations around the issues of corruption, integrity, and personal responsibility for change.
According to the author, the interpretation of idols may vary depending on people's musical taste and interest, but it's hard to deny that many K-pop acts are drawing inspiration from literature for their songs and albums.
It was really heart-breaking for Korean-pop fans following the news that hosts Jung Hyung Don (Doni) and Defconn (Coni) will be leaving the Korean variety show 'Weekly Idol' after seven years.
Auditions for "American Idol" reboot began in August of last year.
2) says that the Dagon idol was made in the form of a fish, as does his student R.
Mir Baqeri said there were three different levels of polytheism: "On the first level, polytheism is simple idol worship.
Pakistan Idol will follow a similar pattern as the international 'Idol' series.
The Alcatel Idol S has a large 4.7-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution.
"Per is a creative and experienced executive who has been the show runner on the blockbuster Swedish 'Idol' for more than five seasons," said Trish Kinane, "Idol" executive producer for FremantleMedia North America.
Ohio Idol will be at GROOVE U this Saturday June 8th for live auditions for Season 2 of Ohio Idol.
A dab hand at Arab Idol and winner of the first season of TV hit talent show, Egyptian Carmen Suleiman has been showing the newbies how its done.