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sit by someone

to sit next to someone. May I sit by you? Come over here and sit by me.
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sit idly by

 and stand idly by
to remain close, doing nothing to help. I do not intend to stand idly by while my children need my help. The wealthy man sat idly by while the poor people starved.
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sit by

Also, sit idly by. Refrain from interfering, remain passive, as in I can't just sit by and let her get in trouble.
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sit by

To remain uninvolved; refrain from acting: I did the work while the others sat by and watched.
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WONDER idly whether Dave is actually in love with Kieren.
I would suggest it is unpatriotic to sit idly and allow our government, beneficent or not, to act without providing answers to legitimate questions posed by its citizens.
But you also don't have to stand by idly while she decides if she feels like gracing you with her presence.
Fashion no longer begs justification to graze idly in the pages of an art magazine; in fact, the "blurred boundary of art and commerce" was already fading to black when the editorial was being written twenty years ago.
In response, the West Coast trucks awaiting that shipment either left empty or sat idly for the two days.
We cannot sit idly and watch our profession become eroded by market forces, government regulation and societal changes.
Although they can be great fun to idly ramble through, I'm never quite sure for whom these sites are meant.
construction services division is a rap idly growing segment of our business.
Competition from these new-technology EP elastomers and new-generation polyolefins is fierce, but producers of conventional products will not stand idly by, allowing their products to be displaced unchallenged.
Because of our own "tragic legacy," we Americans will not sit idly by while blacks continue to be "owned" as property.
Listen to what Smith - a strong supporter of the Communications Decency Act - said on introducing his bill: "The Internet user, or Netizen, is in a vulnerable position in the new medium and we in Congress cannot stand idly by as law-abiding citizens have their privacy invaded on an almost regular basis.
We certainly didn't expect our competitors to sit idly by, though we're disappointed by the misleading statements American Home Products is making today about Aleve.
I'm walking home from the second performance that day, remembering that I have yet a third cast to see the following matinee, and idly thinking that there must be less mentally perilous ways of making a living.
Congress has many compelling reasons to act now to clarify the law and no reason to stand idly by.
But Mr Buchanan told the Assembly: "His comments tell republicans if you believe you have a vision of equality and freedom and if you know the risks you cannot stand idly by.