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a case of mistaken identity

An instance in which one is thought or assumed to be someone else. Officer, this is a case of mistaken identity—I can assure you that I did not rob anyone!
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identity politics

1. The ways in which one's political views are informed by the facets of their identity, such as race, gender, age, and class. Can we really escape identity politics? How can you divorce yourself from your own experience?
2. The ways in which people with similarities in societal identity (as related to race, gender, class, etc.) focus on and promote interests relevant to them, separate from a broader political group or party. With identity politics at play, it will be hard to attract younger voters to our party.
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case of mistaken identity

the incorrect identification of someone. I am not the criminal you want to arrest. This is a case of mistaken identity.
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If cultural Christians were deciding their religious identity in a vacuum, it seems doubtful that many would select the Christian identity.
This continued adherence to Christian identity isn't without ramifications.
Marcia (1980) later studied Erikson's concept of identity and focused specifically on adolescents' identity development.
In an effort to advance theory concerning incarceration's influence on familial relationships, this paper uses identity theory to describe the varying degrees of involvement fathers have with their children pre and post release.
However, purchases and loans made by identity thieves in another person's name often cannot be simply erased.
According to Charng, Piliavin, & Callero (1988), role identity salience is dependent upon three factors: the degree to which others identify the person with the role, the amount of social support one receives for occupying the role, and the size of one's social network that is linked to the role identity.
Calling identity theft the "All-American crime of the Information Age," study designer Alan Westin, professor emeritus of Public Law and Government at Columbia University, noted that the crime is spread broadly throughout the American community, striking people of all ages, income levels, and races.
Identity theft is the criminal act of assuming someone else's identity for some type of gain, normally financial, and it can happen in different ways.
This attitude, however, is offset by other series such as Black Lightning and Xero, both of which use the convention of the secret identity--a genre staple as old as superheroes themselves--to represent issues of racial and sexual identity.
Todd Gitlin is prominent among those on the left who complain that the turn to identity politics undermines possibilities for building broadly based progressive coalitions and diverts attention from fundamental class concerns in favor of demands for symbolic statements of group worth.
According to Tajfel (1981), the construct of racial identity development may be a more salient issue for ethnic minorities because the physical manifestations (e.
points out the complexities and dangers of oversimplification: "the concept of identity is peculiar to the modern Western world" (p.
While identity authentication technologies and legislative efforts have helped combat identity theft, there is still a long way to go.