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identify (someone or something) by (something)

To use some specific characteristic to recognize someone or something. You'll be able to identify me by my red hair and purple dress. I can identify a plagiarized report by the writing, you know—and this is definitely a plagiarized report.
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identify as (someone or something)

To classify or label someone or oneself as something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "identify" and "as." The guy on the security camera isn't a criminal after all—someone in the next block identified him as one of their neighbors. If you don't identify yourself as a member of this community, I'm going to call the police! Growing up, I always thought I was straight, but now I identify as bisexual.
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identify with

To associate something, someone, or oneself with a particular person, group, thing, or characteristic. A noun or pronoun can be used between "identify" and "with." I identify with the women on my mother's side of the family much more than those on my dad's side. I always identify the smell of pine needles with Christmastime. Because of the way you're dressed, the locals are going to identify you with the rest of the tourists.
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identify (oneself) with someone or something

to classify oneself with someone or something; to relate to someone or something; to see part of oneself represented in someone or something. I identify myself with the others. I identify with the birds and animals of the forest.
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identify someone as someone

1. to determine that someone is a certain person. Can you identify Fred as the perpetrator? Fred was identified as the thief.
2. to reveal one's identity or name. Will you identify the man as Tom? The stranger identified himself as a meter reader from the gas company.
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identify someone or something by something

to recognize someone or something because of something. Can you identify your baggage by any special marks? You can identify me by the red carnation in my lapel.
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identify someone or something with someone or something

to associate people and things, in any combination. I tend to identify Wally with big cars. We usually identify green with grass. We tend to identify big cars with greedy people.
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identify with

1. To associate or affiliate someone or something with someone or something else: The villagers did not trust us because they identified us with the foreigners who had looted their village years ago.
2. To understand or share the feelings of someone: I identify with children who have lost their parents because I am an orphan myself.
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