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identify with

To associate something, someone, or oneself with a particular person, group, thing, or characteristic. Because of the way you're dressed, the locals are going to identify you with the rest of the tourists. I identify with the women on my mother's side of the family much more than those on my dad's side. I always identify the smell of pine needles with Christmastime.
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identify (oneself) with someone or something

to classify oneself with someone or something; to relate to someone or something; to see part of oneself represented in someone or something. I identify myself with the others. I identify with the birds and animals of the forest.
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identify someone as someone

1. to determine that someone is a certain person. Can you identify Fred as the perpetrator? Fred was identified as the thief.
2. to reveal one's identity or name. Will you identify the man as Tom? The stranger identified himself as a meter reader from the gas company.
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identify someone or something by something

to recognize someone or something because of something. Can you identify your baggage by any special marks? You can identify me by the red carnation in my lapel.
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identify someone or something with someone or something

to associate people and things, in any combination. I tend to identify Wally with big cars. We usually identify green with grass. We tend to identify big cars with greedy people.
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identify with

1. To associate or affiliate someone or something with someone or something else: The villagers did not trust us because they identified us with the foreigners who had looted their village years ago.
2. To understand or share the feelings of someone: I identify with children who have lost their parents because I am an orphan myself.
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If the survey team identifies residents repeatedly involved in accidents or sampled residents who have had an accident:
ZBX dynamically identifies hijacked PCs, switches them off the network, and provides subscribers with disinfection tools.
The seller identifies property, then the later of either (1) or (2)
This "first ever" multi-client study of the graphic corrugated market examines in detail this industry segment and identifies the best future growth opportunities and likely developments.
Unlike other online marketing services seeking to deliver invisible Web traffic, VisitorTrack from netFactor identifies who, how and when an online user visited a company's website, providing immediate access to visitor contact information.
MX Logic's patented technology accurately identifies and blocks spam because it employs a layered approach that weighs probabilities rather than just relying on absolute values.
Spectrum Analyzer, which already identified more devices than any other product in the category, now identifies 15 new devices and interference sources, including 50 Hz microwave ovens, European Bluetooth devices and devices using FSK, OFDM, QAM, FM, CW and other common modulation protocols.
Once the CV analysis software identifies failures, it works in conjunction with the voltage contrast capabilities of the FEI DA 300HP to precisely localize the failures (both opens and shorts) on the wafer to within a fraction of a micron.
BayTSP provides online monitoring and enforcement services to the entertainment, software and videogame industries, and identifies between 3.
Iris recognition technology identifies people by the unique patterns of the iris - the colored ring around the pupil of the eye.
The study identifies the anti-inflammatory and collagen sparing mechanisms associated with this novel and patent-pending dietary supplement, 3-acetyl-11-keto-beta boswellic acid (AKBA).