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hypothesize about something

to speculate about something; to make guesses about something. Don't waste time hypothesizing about what happened. There is no point in hypothesizing about what happened when we don't know the actual truth.
See also: hypothesize

hypothesize on something

to conjecture on the origin or nature of something. We sat around hypothesizing on the origin of life.
See also: hypothesize, on
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While processing hydrogen sulfide instead of oxygen, the cells' metabolic activity gradually slows, he hypothesizes.
Instead, he hypothesizes that the pigments are necessary for distinguishing individuals of one species from another or that they may be important for camouflage.
So, the lethal effect of the protease inhibitor may be to disrupt this iron supply line, O'Brien hypothesizes.
Thus, he hypothesizes, the later they're jettisoned by pregnancy, the greater the protective effect.
So, by obstructing the sand fly's digestive tract, the parasite could also be forcing the insect to take more blood meals than normal, prompting more bites and hence greater spread, hypothesizes Matthew E.
The article hypothesizes that the dental X-rays hitting the thyroid glands of pregnant women affect birth outcomes.
Ophir hypothesizes that by choosing the loser of a confrontation, a female reduces her risk of injury.
O'Donnell hypothesizes that biting may turn out to be a way that social insects manage their colonies.
This could be attributable to ALDH-2 deficiency in Asians, Salaspuro hypothesizes.
In mammals, carotenoids play important roles in the immune system, and Saino hypothesizes that bird immune systems also involve carotenoids.