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hype someone or something (up)

to promote, advertise, or boost someone or something, often excessively. No matter how much they hyped it up, it was still a very dull movie. Her agent hyped her up as a great actress.

hype up

1. To publicize or promote something or someone, especially by extravagant, inflated, or misleading claims: The publicist hyped up the new movie. The marketers hyped the new clothing line up.
2. To stimulate or excite someone: The news that I got the job hyped me up. The warm-up act hyped up the crowd before the big comedian came onstage.
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blow a hype

tv. to overreact; to spaz out. I was afraid she would blow a hype about the broken window.
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1. n. publicity; sales propaganda; promotion, especially if blatant and aggressive. There was so much hype before the picture was released that the picture itself was a letdown.
2. tv. to publicize or promote someone or something aggressively; to overpraise someone or something. Let’s hype it until everyone in the country has heard about it.
3. and hipe n. a hypodermic syringe and needle. (Drugs.) She forgot to clean the hype.
4. n. an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) Ernie needed a hype real bad.
5. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) The hypes have a rough time in prison.
6. mod. really good; excellent. Now this is a truly hype pizza!

hype artist

n. someone who produces aggressive promotional material for a living. She is a hype artist for a public relations firm.
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hype something up

tv. to overpraise something; to propagandize something. They hyped it up too much.
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hyped (up)

1. mod. excited; stimulated. She said she had to get hyped before the tennis match.
2. mod. contrived; heavily promoted; falsely advertised. I just won’t pay good money to see these hyped up movies.
3. mod. drug intoxicated. (Drugs.) Here comes another hyped up musician.
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See also: hype
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Hyping a threat that doesn't exist while shrinking from one that does is no way to protect the country.
So endemic is the practice of drug firms hyping unsupported product claims the facts don't support that, in 1994, FDA Commissioner Mary K.
For those that were shut out, we included the individual performances the studios were hyping.
homes and the Pacific Northwest from early 1993 to late 1994 making the rockumentary, have spent the past month on a nationwide tour, well, hyping their product, much like any exploitative record-label executive.