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1. verb, slang To promote someone or something, often in an aggressive or excessive manner. The more the student council tries to hype this event, the lamer it seems.
2. noun A high level of excitement or attention surrounding someone or something. That band is super popular, but I just don't get the hype.
3. noun, slang A hypodermic needle. Don't touch that hype!
4. noun, slang An injected dose of drugs. She got super high off that hype you gave her.
5. noun, slang An addict who injects others with drugs. Those junkies are looking for a hype to get them high tonight.
6. adjective, slang Very excited. Oh man, I'm so hype for the match tonight. The concert's tonight—get hype!
7. adjective, slang Very good or appealing. Whoa, this is a hype song!

hyped (up)

1. Very excited and energetic. Loud music gets the team hyped up before a game.
2. Overly and aggressive publicized. Once something is too hyped, it becomes completely unappealing to me.
3. High on drugs. Of course she's hyped up—look at how dilated her pupils are!
See also: hype
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See also: hype
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If that leads us to back hyped horses injudiciously, we will learn or else continue to pay a premium for it.
He has really good energy and kept me hyped the whole time.
According to Mashable, the social news reader was launched on February 3 and was hyped for being CEO Mark Zuckerberg's version Facebook's future, a customized social newspaper for every user.
(Of course, the CBC televising the Genies directly oppostite the Super Bowl this year, the most overly hyped TV event of the year next to the Oscars, is testimony to its faith in the audience appeal of the show.)
The survey conducted by PC Authority magazine involved 20,000 customers and ranked several hyped items last for reliability and service.
As a youngster in Pacific Beach, what locals hyped you up or plagued you the most?
Right now I've been most hyped on Rodrigo TX, Danny Garcia ...