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She's got the SFA and SPFL singing from her hymnsheet and has persuaded government to see football as less than the devil incarnate.
The fact that there's four of us gives us a stronger voice; we're working in tandem and all singing from the same hymnsheet.
ROBERT ELSTONE understandably sparked a lot of interest among Evertonians with his comments that the club could look forward to a "busy and exciting summer with big investments" and it's great that the chief executive and manager seem to be singing from the same hymnsheet.
He has another nine months on his contract and, after alienating many with his war of attrition playing style he is finally singing from a similar hymnsheet to the supporters.
Defending is so much easier when everyone is singing off the same hymnsheet - and that's exactly what United have done recently.
As a 19th century poet Gerard Manley Hopkins never really set my heart racing but his namesake, a progressive son of Dubawi, has me singing off his hymnsheet in today's annual Doncaster showdown.
McDowell and Rory McIlroy were singing off the same hymnsheet at Royal Liverpool, insisting they've never prepared better for a tilt at Open glory.
So current moves make engineers' data easily accessible and newly relevant to other people, and add other people's data to the single system, forming a single hymnsheet that all can sing from.
Its purpose is to ensure that the plant does what the customers wanted, that the highest standards of quality and safety are achieved, and that everyone is singing from the same hymnsheet.
Okay, sometimes it is very difficult to get all constituencies on the same hymnsheet but I am proud of the fact that RFC has been a pretty good collective effort and we've managed to keep most people in the boat.
A choir serenaded Ferguson with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' and the crowd joined in too, but the United team was not singing from the same hymnsheet.
HYMNSHEET receives the seal of approval in the Brother 141 Handicap at Kempton.
Jones himself is singing from the same hymnsheet as his striker ahead of Forest and was also keen to dampen expectation.
Another eye-catching entry is the Sir Michael Stoutetrained Hymnsheet, a full sister to Group 1 winner Chorist.