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The major part of the automotive castings business became a part of Hydro through the acquisition of the aluminum company VAW, Bonn, Germany, in 2002.
They call us the pioneers of First Nation hydro," Michano says, referring to how businesses and governments address them.
In addition, Edison and Ontario Hydro each have developed project tracking methodologies that allow department employees and management to keep track of projects and their status.
The cogeneration aspect of the much-publicized project was ruled out by Hydro last February when a total of 40 NUG proposals were turned down.
Those projections were wrong, resulting in an over-supply of housing and the eventual cancellation of uranium contracts by Hydro.
However, unless either mining company becomes a direct investor in the Sunthetic proposal, the project must still use the Hydro grid and be approved by the utility.
Although GE's hydro team has been delivering solid performance improvements, the business has re-evaluated the position of the hydro segment with respect to other growth opportunities.
The utility and government officials claim that if Sunthetic and similar projects were approved, Hydro would be forced to increase its rates by five per cent to offset the lost revenues.
Grant PUD consists of three separately financed and accounted for systems: the electric distribution system; Wanapum hydro project; and Priest Rapids hydro project.
Meanwhile, non-utility power generation, once touted by Ontario Hydro as "a win-win situation" with the private sector, has been put on the back burner.
Since 2000, when Bangor Hydro was required to sell its electric generation assets as a result of electric utility restructuring in Maine, the company has not generated electricity or arranged for energy supply.
After watching a television program on the California wind fields, McKay and his wife decided to cut themselves off hydro for good.
Bangor Hydro is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to customers within our service territory.
The association charges that the revised plan, in which Hydro significantly reduced its projections of future electricity demands, has created a loss of confidence in Ontario Hydro and has affected investor confidence, economic growth and job creation.
The economic diversification efforts of several Northern Ontario communities may have been thwarted by Ontario Hydro.