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a good husband makes a good wife

proverb If a husband treats his wife well, she will treat him well in return. I do the dishes because it gives Shannon much needed time to relax, and a good husband makes a good wife.
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Of a man, thoroughly and continually dominated, intimidated, bullied, or browbeaten by a woman, especially his wife or girlfriend. John used to be the most adventurous, spontaneous guy I knew, but since he got married, he's become totally henpecked. I hope I never become some henpecked husband like my father was.
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A good husband makes a good wife.

 and A good Jack makes a good Jill.
Prov. If a husband or man wants his wife or girlfriend to be respectful and loving to him, he should be respectful and loving to her. Don't blame your wife for being short-tempered with you; you've been so unpleasant to her lately. A good husband makes a good wife.
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On several occasions FISCSD has provided husbanding support to Navy/Marine Corps expeditionary forces visiting various areas in Central America.
"Like most husbanding agents, our husbanding agent has provided support for operations other than war (OOTW)," said Browley.
"But, FISCSD is working with CAPT Harry Davis, the COMNAVSURFOR Force Supply Officer, to identify and project the breath of husbanding services required by the ship."
In the past, almost every country, if not every port, was serviced by a different husbanding contractor.
Today, these five areas are serviced by two large husbanding contractors, Multinational Logistics Services (MLS) and Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS).
"As the ELRT usually consists of only a handful of people, it is imperative that we leverage the in-depth knowledge and local personal contacts of the husbanding contractors in order to ensure we get what we need, where and when we need it, and at the best possible price," said Mullin.
As FISCSI continues to expand its operations into new and different locations, they will no doubt continue to rely on their partners in industry, the husbanding contractors.
FISC Yokosuka's (FISCY) role in husbanding contracting, prior to 2006, was limited to ports in Japan and Korea.
"FISC Yokosuka now provides husbanding contracting support to numerous ports from the International Dateline to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, and everything in between including Australia and the thousands of islands located in Indonesia, the Philippines, Micronesia, and Melanesia," said FISCY Contracting Director, CDR Stephen Armstrong.
Coast Guard receive husbanding services through one of the 22 contracts currently in place for their port visits.
"An initiative FISCY is undertaking to better manage husbanding services contracts and to reduce the administrative burden on the contract specialists is regionalizing the husbanding contracts in the 7th Fleet area of responsibility [AOR]," said Armstrong.
The husbanding services program manager, working closely with the fleet, would be responsible for developing the acquisition strategy, generating the requirements packages, and evaluating the proposal packages.