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Any rummy that comes between a fellow an' his girl ought to get hurt.
If you don't go with me to-morrow night somebody'll get hurt.
But while you're scared of being hurt, you've turned into a person who hurts others.
com)-- International acclaimed poet, speaker, and best-selling author Isiah Hurts has joined Hurts Publishing with a management and joint venture book agreement.
MANCHESTER duo Hurts will be Hurts will be headlining this year's NME Radar tour, which arrives at Wrexham's Central Station next month.
When someone is excluded from a game or activity, they need to be "desensitized to showing how much it hurts them" because it won't continue to become an "issue" if excluded kids don't give aggressors the reaction they want.
When our soldiers hear politicians in Washington question the mission they are risking their lives to accomplish," the president recently told a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, "it hurts their morale.
Religious Program Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW) Rita Hurts has an unhesitating streak of determination coursing through her.
A chain of revenge and counter-revenge starting from unhealed hurts is the story inside every conflict.
Far from helping the working poor, forcing up the minimum wage hurts them.
If one part of the body is hurting, the whole body hurts.
If, according to Eduardo Galeano ("Cuba Hurts," June issue), the more than seventy writers, "independent librarians," and human rights activists summarily arrested and jailed in Cuba were "pretend dissidents," are they now merely pretend prisoners?
We spent so much of our lives together it hurts, even though I know I'm doing the right thing and would never go back.
If one is the victim of continuous harassment by other children, it hurts.