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hurtle through something

to travel through something at great speed or with great force, possibly causing breakage. A brick hurtled through the window and fell on the floor. The rocket hurtled through space toward Mars.
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The Premier League continued to hurtle towards its closest three-way finish for years on Wednesday as Chelsea thumped Portsmouth 5-0 away to move above Arsenal and back within a point of leaders Manchester United.
And last week the company informed creditors Hurtle Parrot are in financial straits but have not stopped trading.
As we hurtle toward year 2000, it is clear that the 20th century has left us with the fallout of its progress.
But here's his scenario: When high-flying planes drop the bombs over hard-to-reach terrain like mountains, the cones hurtle to the ground, where their sharp points pierce the soil.
pierce the air, as do some physical objects - a cooking pot and a lighter seem to hurtle right past the viewer's head to eventually collide with the wall.
The remaining were distributed between Thistle, McLaren, Hurtle and Hammell townships.
The huge, 34-year-old plane is due to make its second appearance this year, on April 25, when it will hurtle down the runway to near take-off speed.
Young ibex kids race up steep rocky inclines and hurtle over ridgetops, performing feats that would shame the most steel-nerved skateboarders.
As this ellipse shifts from geometrical configuration to cosmic vortex in the viewer's mind, it seems to hurtle through an infinite space.
More raucous physical activity was provided by Hurtle (New Zealand); choreographed and directed by Shona McCullagh, this outrageous adventure follows two hysterical nuns--one male and one female--from the cloister to the outhouse.
After leaping over a last minor hurtle, the Java-language JEFF Converter has passed independent validation tests for compliance with ISO standard 20970 (July 2002--JEFF), the J Consortium announced today.
Finally, from the enveloping darkness, blinding onscreen headlights hurtle toward us.
Tear off shields in front of your visor as they get covered in mud and hurtle around the oval track at speeds in excess of 170 mph as you white-knuckle your way to the Sprint Car Hall of Fame.
Felix's sister, the virtuous Hetta (Paloma Baeza), is being urged to marry her cousin Roger (Douglas Hodge), though she prefers the company of Paul Montague (Cillian Murphy), an engineer who's most suspicious of Melmotte's dealings, who in turn is being pursued by the hot-headed American widow Winifred Hurtle (Miranda Otto, employing an unfortunate Southern accent).
It's a tremendous coup for promoters Hurtle Parrot, who last year staged the 5000 sell-out James Taylor gig at Lennoxlove Castle near Haddington.