hurtin' for

hurting for (someone or something)

Strongly desiring someone or something. I was really hurting for my husband's companionship when he was deployed overseas.
See also: hurt

hurtin' for something

Rur. in need of something. I went to fetch a bottle of cough syrup. My sick child was hurtin' for it. Jim was hurting for a new set of tools.
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It wasn't like, 'OK, when he whips me I'm gonna have this one tear come down my cheek.' It was actually hurtin' for rear He bursts out laughing.
Somehow, the dancer in her pulled off a cartwheel in stride while covering the 1.8 miles with relative ease, but her soles were a hurtin' for the next couple of days.
Ashley, who befriended Robbie when he first moved to LA, added: "It's not like the guy's hurtin' for dough.
But I can tell you, we're hurtin' for some good lawyers ...
When the wine wore off, the population of Elx was hurtin' for certain.
But when his pals discover his lack of experience, they decide to do something about it, headed by the sexist Jay who thinks all women are just "hurtin' for a squirtin'".