1. informal Experiencing financial distress or difficulty. A lot of shops around here have really been hurting because of the new tax law.
2. colloquial Unappealing; in poor condition. This place is really hurting—you're going to have to do a ton of repairs and renovations.
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hurting for (someone or something)

Strongly desiring someone or something. I was really hurting for my husband's companionship when he was deployed overseas.
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hurtin' for something

Rur. in need of something. I went to fetch a bottle of cough syrup. My sick child was hurtin' for it. Jim was hurting for a new set of tools.
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1. mod. very ugly; in pain from ugliness. (Similar to hurt.) That dog of yours is something to behold. It’s really hurting.
2. mod. seriously in need of something, such as a dose of drugs. (Drugs.) Gert is hurting. She needs something soon.
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References in classic literature ?
Weller, so in case you should have an accident when you're bringing these here woters down, and should tip 'em over into the canal vithout hurtin' of 'em, this is for yourself," says he.--"Gen'l'm'n, you're wery kind," says my father, "and I'll drink your health in another glass of wine," says he; vich he did, and then buttons up the money, and bows himself out.
Following a video gone viral on Twitter, the sensational singer was spotted cuddled up the 'Hurtin Me' rapper.
The rapper has found big success recently thanks to hits including Hurtin Me and Instruction, which are big moments during this set, but it's her older tracks which prove why she's climbed to stardom and has the talent to back it up.
Rowdy guys, unfaithful wives and heavy hearts hurtin 'in 4/4
"Nothin' matters except that nothing's hurtin,' '' Stewart said when it came time to head north.
Some 20people died and more than 40were hurtin road accidents Sunday across Egypt blamed on poor visibility from heavy rains and sandstorms, officials said.
(38) This unique example of Latin endo used as postposition is matched by other Italic languages where a similar syntactic construction with *en underlies the creation of an innovative locative form (Umbrian ocrem 'on the mount' TI 6a, 46; South Picene mefun 'in medial' MC 1; and Oscan hurtin 'in the garden' SA 1, A2).39 Further support comes from the oldest attested Celtic language, namely Celtiberian, where we find tokoitei eni (Botorrita I A 4).
Mama!' and thought they were hurtin me and ran and hit Esther Crow and tried to pull her away from me to protect me and Walter Warren was mad and trembled too and went away to set on the front porch sayin 'I'll be damned, Malley'; and little Berryben ran cryin out to the chickenyard."
Camera (color) Graves; editors, Meeks, Graves; music, James McCrea, Charlie Hurtin, James Brand, Marshall Jones, Ben Buchanan; production-costume designers, Graves, Meeks; sound, Graves, Meeks, Tony Wolford; stunt coordinator, Wolford; associate producers, Rogers, Lauren Stett, Wolford; casting, Meeks.
Dear Heartache: I'm so sorry to hear you're hurtin,' darling.
He cld b testin ur loyalty...or if his feelins hav changed, he cld b tryin 2 end things without hurtin u.
This white "hurtin" music has been appropriated by yet another marginalised people, but it becomes an accompaniment to their spiritual survival.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the quirky, hurtin burg anyway, as my wife, Ellen, pointed out when I was lobbying her (quite unsuccessfully) to move to Milwaukee: "Anyone who liked Trenton and Miami has no credibility when it comes to places."