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Hilton said: "I have faced Hurter quite a few times and we have had some fierce battles.
"Wong certainly needs a third-party due-diligence by someone who is recognized as a non-wood fiber expert," asserts Hurter. "People in the wood-based industry don't understand the issues involved in non-wood pulp production."
Groener's attitude towards the ensuing Weimar Republic, as Hurter correctly estimates, resembled that of its most distinguished political personage, long-time Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann: both were so-called "Vernunftrepublikaner" who embraced the new regime dispassionately as the only practicable arrangement if the debilitating effects of the Versailles Treaty and economic chaos (rampant inflation, after 1929, the Great Depression) upon Germany's international and military status were to be countered successfully.
Hurter, Ph.D., senior vice president of pharmaceutical and preclinical sciences at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to its board of directors, the company said.
RESULTS: 1 Heinz and Tatyana Hurter (23 points), 2 Steve Middleton and Chris Butler (22), 3 Rajinder Sachdeva and Naeem Khan (21 c/b), 4 Abdulla Al Hakam and Shaker Hubail (21), 5 Ilya Goniker and Paul Kesterton (20).
Using advanced techniques together with a respect for the age-old skills and methods that define real craftsmanship, Hurter has distinguished itself among an elite list of builders, But there is no way to describe what the company is about without understanding the deep appreciation and sense of commitment that Hutter holds for its customers.
The second updated edition of Bill Hurter's CHILDREN'S PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY (9781584289968, $34.95) offers a fine collection of images of portraits that capture childhood.
Bill Hurter's 100 TECHNIQUES FOR PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS (9781584282457, $34.95) covers everything from preparing for the wedding shoot to establishing rapport with the participants, creating engaging portraits before and after the ceremony, traveling to the event, and more.
Falcons legend Marius Hurter renewed old friendships on a short return to Kingston Park this week ( and firmed up a new official link while he was in town.
Former Falcons and South Africa prop Marius Hurter came over with the big No.8 and said: "It's great to be over here and to see the guys again."
Despite cautioning against getting caught up in the hardware and software, Hurter focuses mainly on digital-specific techniques, file formats, workflow methods, and Adobe Photoshop tools for image editing, rather than on fundamentals.
Newcastle's South African prop Marius Hurter, Tongan utility man Epi Taione and Samoan full-back Tanner Vili, from Scottish side Borders add to the global flavour.
Hurter has been included after Wasps, who play London rivals Saracens in the Zurich Premiership on Sunday, refused a request to release former All Black prop Craig Dowd.
But the New Zealander's arrival means Newcastle have three overseas players on their books - Leslie, Samoan Inga Tuigamala and South African prop Marius Hurter - and they are only allowed to field two in any game.
Doddie Weir claimed a good line-out ball 25 metres out and the Newcastle pack stormed to the line where prop Marius Hurter went over and Stuart Legg easily converted.