hurt feelings

hurt someone's feelings

to cause someone emotional pain. It hurts my feelings when you talk that way. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
See also: feeling, hurt
References in classic literature ?
The children stopped their crying, Lamai retied Jerry with the stick, Lenerengo harangued herself breathless, and Lumai departed with hurt feelings for the canoe house where stags could sleep in peace and Marys pestered not.
But folks forgot their hurt feelings when they had a pain in their stomachs.
"Why do you 'master' me?" I demanded, with a show of hurt feelings. "We have exchanged names.
Walk that path and we'll be asking the Danes to repay the danegeld they got from Ethelred the Unready, compensation from the Romans for our hurt feelings in 55BC and handouts to the Irish families whose ancestors died in the Great Famine in the 1850s - come to think of it, though, Blair has already expressed his greasy sorrow over this.
Mr Justice Jackson awarded the 58-year-old wife of jailed peer Jeffrey Archer pounds 2,500 for her hurt feelings over a newspaper article which revealed that she had had a facelift.
Other BT fat cats include his predecessor Sir Peter Bonfield, who despite being eased out, got pounds 1.31 million for his last year - and will be paid pounds 820,0000-more to ease his hurt feelings until next January.
The force will pay the bulk of the award although Det Sgt Walker was ordered to pay pounds 1,500 to Miss Stubbs for her hurt feelings.
Researchers from the University of Amsterdam wanted to explore the physiological impact of hurt feelings. They asked 27 student volunteers (18 female, 9 male, ages 18 to 25) to submit photos of themselves.
Lesbian Kerry, 32, was demanding a pounds 400,000 payout from the MoD for stress, hurt feelings and loss of wages.
She was awarded pounds 10,000 for hurt feelings, one of the highest awards in a sex discrimination case in Scotland.
She was awarded pounds 77,000, including pounds 14,000 for "hurt feelings".
London, Jan.25 (ANI): British Secretary of State for Business Peter Mandelson has taken steps to assuage India's hurt feelings over remarks made by Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
Why, if they love each other, are they only concerned with their own hurt feelings? Why can't they meet halfway?
But the tribunal found in McLeod's favour and awarded her pounds 2000 for hurt feelings and pounds 3600 for loss of earnings.
YOUR hurt feelings are normal and even justified but they're not helpful if you want a better relationship with your dad.