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Indeed (as I learned afterwards) there were so many of them hurt or dead, and the rest in so ill a temper, that Mr.
When I go after anything I get it, an' if anything gets in between it gets hurt.
An' you'd better tell the rummy to beat it unless you want to see'm get his face hurt.
Saxon, hurt as a prideful woman can be hurt by cavalier treatment, was tempted to cry out the name and prowess of her new-found protector.
Any rummy that comes between a fellow an' his girl ought to get hurt.
If you don't go with me to-morrow night somebody'll get hurt.
This obliged them to fall upon them with the stocks of their muskets; and first they made sure of the runaway savage, that had been the cause of all the mischief, and of another that was hurt in the knee, and put them out of their pain; then the man that was not hurt at all came and kneeled down to them, with his two hands held up, and made piteous moans to them, by gestures and signs, for his life, but could not say one word to them that they could understand.
The answer came in a time of reflection, "If you are still bitter and hurt it is because you blame others and don't accept any responsibility yourself.
They use their empathy to notice other children's reactions to their aggression, and "stop" being aggressive when others let them know they have crossed the line and have hurt them (Thompson 2001).
It's hard to imagine better evidence that the tough criticism of the war we're now seeing doesn't hurt morale.
Though there has been a months'-long wave of robberies in the area and violence is rampant, "Law enforcement officials emphasize that the best way to reduce the risk of being hurt is to cooperate with the robbers.
Groomsmen were Jim Hurt and Joel Hurt, brothers of the bride; David Ware; Dylan Meeks; and Matt Surrell.
Hurt comes to the school with leader ship experience gained at an institution that rose from unaccredited to fully approved status.
William Hurt is a travel writer who doesn't have the energy to get out of bed in Lawrence Kasdan's film version of Anne Tyler's novel.