hurry down

hurry down (to some place)

To physically descend to some place or thing as quickly as one can. Mom, hurry down—Molly's hurt! I hurried down to the basement after hearing that loud noise.
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hurry down (to somewhere)

to descend rapidly. We need you down here in the basement. Hurry down. Please hurry down to the kitchen and help us.
See also: down, hurry
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References in classic literature ?
I rose at once to my feet, and my instinctive impulse was to hurry down to the beach, equally regardless of the distance that separated me from it, and of my disabled condition.
Yielding to it in the same mechanical kind of way, I left a note in pencil for Herbert, telling him that as I should be so soon going away, I knew not for how long, I had decided to hurry down and back, to ascertain for myself how Miss Havisham was faring.
"My dear Jane, make haste and hurry down. He is come -- Mr.
You need to hurry down to your local Suzuki Marine Dealer and pick out the new Suzuki outboard model that you want,' said Gus Blakely, - Vice President of Marine Sales.
Alternatively, you might fancy the well-backed Angels Breath or the promising Fakir d'Oudairies, so hurry down to Ladbrokes today and don't miss out on this great opportunity.
You'll want to hurry down (via Google Maps) to the Love Lake at Al Qudra, where you can marvel at Dubai's newest attraction: two manmade lakes in the shape of two interlocking hearts.
Hurry down the steep descent Stirring through golden broom's coconut scent Before arriving on the sea washed sand Stop, tuck into the best crab sandwich The Child Unborn children do not get to pick or choose Life's a gamble they can win or lose Their parents they did not select Hopefully Mam and Dad are near perfect Coming into the new world they grow and mature Of their future one can never be sure In childhood they have little choice Because they do not yet possess a mature voice in the land.
Williams to hurry down here as fast as she can when the taxi arrives.
Boots STAR gift is now Seventeen -- The Ultimate Collection, which has a 50% saving so hurry down for those Christmas stocking gifts.
As my mom makes appetizers, we all hurry down to the basement to watch the game.
However, when a player dropped out of a "possible versus probables" trial match at Darlington, a telegram arrived at Ken's house, asking him to hurry down to the ground.
FOOD Hurry down a floral carpet to Seasons, where the movers and shakers of town run their knife through lemon/ricotta pancake and discuss what often becomes tomorrow's headline.
Just hurry down to Tom Ford at House of Fraser now.
Reyes fell down hard on the floor, and then the burly Norbert Torres reacted by shoving Taladua - causing players from the bench on both sides to hurry down to the court to defend their teammates.