hurry back

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hurry back (to someone or something)

to return to someone or something immediately or as fast as possible. Oh, please hurry back to me as soon as you can. Hurry back!
See also: back, hurry
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After that, you can take in the historic sights of Lynchburg (population 361) and Jack Daniel Distilley and Visitor Center -- or hurry back home to the office.
Celtic boss Wim Jansen last night urged Stewart Kerr to hurry back from injury and prove he's the club's No.
Sorry gorgeous Brazilian models, we'd love to hit the steam room with you but we must hurry back to Sunderland to check the acoustics at the Stadium of Light
Chris Lund, who is allied to Pat Rosney, Barrie Draper and Diane Henry in the League, put Hurry Back through his paces with a 275-metre solo and the dog responded by flying round in 16.
Hurry back soon Leeds before it gets so tragic, you're heard chanting "I'm Leeds until I die, I'm Leeds until I die, I know I am, I'm sure I am, I'm Leeds until I die".
Hurry back Phil Jagielka, there is nobody better than him at reacting quickly to danger in the box.
There's nothing worse than an icy wind whistling about your condiments as you hurry back to your desk with a corned beef butty from the lovely girls at Masons.
Hurry back Willie, maybe next time you will get the credit you deserve.
Abel Xavier just isn't good enough to play for Liverpool, however, so hurry back Markus Babbel.
PARAS, by email the Cheviots Sweep in style and order, The journey within a country town and city, is awe inspiring, and has always Been my pride and joy, Remaining deep in my heart when ever away from my patch where I've Lived here as man and boy, With so many wondrous places in the world, today, I still hurry back Homesick if away too long, For these are my roots and they draw me back, so that place that I will Always belong, Whatever my purpose for being away, I can hardly wait for the plane or Train to bring me back yem, The smell of the air, the sense of relief as I pass all the landmarks I know Back home again, We are privileged to live here and should be proud of every acre, hill, River and fell, I feel especially so, for I was lucky enough to have been born here as well.
Danielle, 30, and Match of the Day host Gary, 48, had to hurry back from their honeymoon so he could fulfil a commitment to Prince Charles in his role as a Prince's Trust ambassador.
The reliable Tindall made the long trek to take the penalty but his opposite number went the right way to make the save and Tindall had to hurry back to his goal.
I hope these cursing, s***, passionate nurses hurry back for another series.