hurry back

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hurry back (to someone or something)

to return to someone or something immediately or as fast as possible. Oh, please hurry back to me as soon as you can. Hurry back!
See also: back, hurry
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Dynamo Joe is held by Hurry Back on last week's evidence and a draw outside Droopys Calvin could prove troublesome, while defending champion Slick City has not really sparkled.
Chris Lund's Hurry Back set the ball rolling by taking the opener in 15.
Neil Cuthbert, head of parking services at Newcastle City Council, said: "This trial scheme will mean motorists will no longer have to hunt for the right change or hurry back to their cars when their parking charges are about to run out.
And neither is there any pressure on him to hurry back.
Bonetti won't hurry back - he plans to work on luring fresh talent to Dens for next season.
In the case of Chris Lund's Hurry Back, his reputation has clearly preceded all three career races as he has gone off oddson each time, twice when winning in Ireland then when turned over at 1-3 on his British debut at Nottingham.
Peters insisted he would not hurry back into action.
Hurry Back, a lightly raced August 09 son of Head Bound and Janann, will be having just the fourth race of his career - and the second for trainer Chris Lund - in his heat, but there is every indication he could be out of the top drawer.
Mr Kennedy had to hurry back to the capital yesterday as he was about to embark on a campaign visit to Devon.
Back in Newcastle, Brown urged Ramshaw and his escort Andrew Horrocks, 21, to hurry back north.
There were some Scurry Cup contenders on view in pre racing trials and star of the show was the Chris Lund-trained Hurry Back.
There is a good quality entry but one dog that won't be taking his place is Hurry Back who has been sold and reports suggest that he is headed for Chris Lund's UK kennel.
A new record for the 350 yards sprint was established at Galway on Friday night when the Malachys-Bar-Syndicate-owned puppy Hurry Back clocked 18.
Hurry back, Mick LIKE everyone else, I'm really sorry that Mick Fitzgerald has been going through such a torrid time with his infection.
Could this herald a 1970s revival, with every team containing at least three fully-bearded players, and goal-scorers clasping their hands together above their heads while a maximum of two colleagues pat them on the back and the rest hurry back to take up position for the restart?