hurry along

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hurry (someone or something) along

To urge someone or something to move at a faster pace. I hate going to museums with Paul because he just hurries me along through all of the exhibits. Good luck hurrying this phone call along—your mother can talk for hours!
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hurry someone or something along

to make someone or something go faster. Go hurry your mother along. We're almost late. Why don't you hurry the meeting along?
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So hurry along soon to be a part of the Mirdif City Centre September excitement!
We've made it really easy for you to get your hands on the toys, you can collect them from any Smyths Toy Superstore with your voucher - so hurry along today and get your free LEGO Buzz Lightyear.
The "Northerners" hurry along empty streets to open their shops.
THE park is open until November 8, 2009 so hurry along while the fun lasts!
Jack asks Greg to hurry along the building work on Annie's as is keen to sell.
Actually reading the text sometimes seems slow and we miss things as we try to hurry along, but Dale has his own special way of making us hear every little bit.
I would ask the curious question that a child would ask, and my mom would explain the "patriotic sacrifice" involved, and the understanding was clear--and my heart would burst with pride, wishing that my opportunity would hurry along so I also could serve my country.
Here's a technique to hurry along your spring rhubarb.
The deadline needs to hurry along the earliest date for disarmament, be it reasonable or unreasonable, set by the United Nations.
Anxious now, I shrug into my camo turkey vest, grab the decoys, and hurry along a leaf littered two-track that borders a winding stream, finally pausing near the mouth of a grassy swale.
Nor will Wal-Mart's endorsement hurry along the item-level use of RFID tags, believes Harry Forbes, senior analyst with ARC in Dedham, Mass.
It can be very easy to hurry along a series of x-ray exams to avoid getting backed up, but it is not always so easy to gain someone's trust.
"I don't mind going to school on the last shift," said Foster, as he stared down the clock hoping to hurry along the next two hours so he and his 424 classmates on the 6 p.m.
While you puff and pant and hurry along, a snow leopard may be running far ahead of you.
"Hurry along, grouchy Bear!" Fox laughed as Bear disappeared, grumbling, into the forest.