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the eye of the hurricane

1. Literally, a place of calm in the center of a hurricane. (The "eye" is the center of a storm, which rotates around a central point.) I think we're in the eye of the hurricane and that these winds are going to get worse.
2. By extension, a calm period before something worsens. Sadly, that ceasefire was just the eye of the hurricane—enemy troops bombed one of our ports days later.
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eye of the hurricane

 and eye of the storm 
1. Lit. the area of calm in the center of a tornado, hurricane, or cyclone. It is calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm.
2. Fig. a temporary peaceful time amidst more trouble and strife yet to come. Don't relax. This is the eye of the storm. The lunch hour rush is over, but the dinner rush will start soon.
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Additionally, Klotzbach and Gray noted a 10-percent chance that current Atlantic wind conditions weaken and a significant El Nino develops, which would reduce the tropical-cyclone activity to 40 percent of the average season--five to seven storms, two to three hurricanes and possibly one major hurricane.
RMS will issue a comprehensive review of the 2010 hurricane season in a white paper in January 2011.
So we get a horizontal look, as well as a vertical look, to give us as much information as we can to send back to the National Hurricane Center.
In the last 30 years, the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has nearly doubled.
Last gear, four intense hurricanes struck the United States, breaking the previous record.
"It looks likely that it will hit the US, but it's way too soon to say where," said John Cangialosi, a meteorologist with the hurricane centre.
KETRA had established special rules regarding the retirement funds of individuals who lived in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Area (see map 1) and sustained economic losses due to the storm.
There is a warm ocean anomaly 250 miles off the coast of New Jersey where the water temperature had reached 70 degrees by early May--a ready made breeding ground for hurricanes.
Hurricane Katrina evacuees stayed with us eleven days, and 160 Hurricane Rita evacuees stayed only five days.
The impact of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and the combined effects of death, injury, destruction, and population displacement from Hurricane Katrina were unprecedented in U.S.
The great Florida hurricane of 1935 came as no surprise--in Key West Ernest Hemingway had enough warning to secure his boat and house against the storm--yet superintendents in three nearby government work camps did almost nothing to evacuate the men in their charge.
The senior fellow of the Strom Thurmond Institute at Clemson University became convinced following last year's devastating storms that maritime assets should play an active and preplanned role in hurricane recovery efforts.
The idea is to fly several planes into the eye of a hurricane, cutting a triangular swath to the center while dumping this polymer.
Hurricane Katrina caused enormous physical destruction, environmental degradation, and human misery (Travis 2005).