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the eye of the hurricane

1. Literally, a place of calm in the center of a hurricane. (The "eye" is the center of a storm, which rotates around a central point.) I think we're in the eye of the hurricane and that these winds are going to get worse.
2. By extension, a calm period before something worsens. Sadly, that ceasefire was just the eye of the hurricane—enemy troops bombed one of our ports days later.
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eye of the hurricane

 and eye of the storm 
1. Lit. the area of calm in the center of a tornado, hurricane, or cyclone. It is calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm.
2. Fig. a temporary peaceful time amidst more trouble and strife yet to come. Don't relax. This is the eye of the storm. The lunch hour rush is over, but the dinner rush will start soon.
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Gray of the university's Department of Atmospheric Science to call for 18 named storms, nine hurricanes and four major hurricanes of Category 3 (sustained winds of at least 11 mph) during the hurricane season.
RMS anticipates that total insured losses from the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will be less than $500 million.
A qualified Gulf Opportunity Zone loss includes depreciation deductions for GO Zone property and deductions for certain repair expenses that resulted from Hurricane Katrina, business casualty losses caused by Hurricane Katrina in the GO Zone and moving expenses and temporary housing expenses for employees working in the GO Zone.
Hurricane Katrina evacuees stayed with us eleven days, and 160 Hurricane Rita evacuees stayed only five days.
According to the company Dyn-O-Mat's hurricane powder is biodegradable, and releases the stored moisture when it contacts seawater.
Hurricane Katrina has so visibly reinforced the impact and need for addressing health disparities (Atkins and May 2005).
Caveat: Although individuals may be eligible to withdraw money from their retirement plans as a result of Hurricane Katrina, their plans may not permit early withdrawals.
Larry Lawrence represented the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command during the Hurricane Relief from the Sea conference.
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Indeed, national nontheistic groups like the American Humanist Association, Atheist Alliance International, Center for Inquiry, and Hands on Humanity managed between them to directly raise over $100,000 for hurricane relief.
Late last August, Hurricane Katrina whirled toward the U.
The ECN also cites a century of reports from the National Hurricane Center revealing that the 1940s (well before global warming's supposed onslaught) was the decade with the largest number of hurricanes coming ashore in the U.