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c) Sing in response to the English anthem: 'You can shove your blinkin' chariots up your hurrahs, up your hurrahs
a) Cheer ecstatically, shout hurrah, hurrah and wave two-fingered salutes in celebration,
The highly interactive bulletin board Gay Travel Plus is a great place to share travel horrors and hurrahs.
in Encino, claims it has ``redefined the concept of value-based dining'' and in doing such has introduced a wine list that deserves loud hurrahs.
For many people the "last hurrah" for summer means a beach vacation on Labor Day weekend, but for football fans those hurrahs are for pre-season games in stadiums across the country.
Though performed for adults, "Flood Tide" is basically a tale for children; there's even an opening prologue in which audience members are encouraged to vocalize their reactions with hurrahs and boos.