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hurrah's nest

A mess; a disorganized pile. Boy, these clothes are a hurrah's nest right now—can you help me sort them?
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final hurrah

A last action before one ceases to do something. It's so good to see all of you at this meeting, my final hurrah before retirement. But this performance is your final hurrah before graduation—you have to do it!
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last hurrah

A final act, achievement, or effort. Finishing the month-long project was Cheri's last hurrah before she left the company to pursue another opportunity.
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last hurrah

a final act, performance, or effort, especially in politics. chiefly US
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last hurrah

A final appearance, especially at the end of one's career. The phrase has a bittersweet, if not sad, connotation, since it's applied to the end of a person's life's work. It could refer to a musical or theatrical performance or the end of a political career—the final time that the person will hear an audience or crowd shouting in praise. Swan song has a similar meaning, although not always used in a positive sense.
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Let's go and see what happens but it will definitely be my last hurrah.
game and is in the Ukrain years' tim Befo swa fo S ex lucrative hurrah in DC United, New Galaxy are all inte which would sui an American su The couple r near Washing at Congressi DC United, New York Red Bulls and LA Galaxy are all interested in signing him, which would suit his wife, Kristen Pazik, an American supermodel.
Christmas could be the last hurrah before people pull in their spending," said Mr Percy, who is chief executive of Solihull-based Accantia Health & Beauty
One consistency seems to be the use of a typewriter body typeface (whose size, hurrah, you can adjust) for all the text and (often) a Franklin Gothic Condensed Back button.
THIS is the team's final hurrah, and is the climax of the recent London-wide celebration of African culture and heritage.
Curley, who served several terms as Boston's mayor, was the ostensible model for Frank Skeffington in Edwin O'Connor's novel The Last Hurrah.
Hurrah for the Vietnamese war of liberation, hurrah for the antiwar movement, hurrah for Firebird.
Altman's last hurrah is an adaptation of, well, The Last Hurrah, Edwin O'Connor's novel about a politician named Frank Skeffington, the fictional counterpart of the legendary Boston mayor James Michael Curley.
It's the hurrah coming up from around radios each time Joe Louis punched holes in the racial mountain.
In this light, the recent invasion of Panama, the Reagan Doctrine's last hurrah, was in violation of international law, odious though Noriega was.
In Manila, reelectionist Mayor Estrada tried to project confidence by saying that his certain victory this year would be his last hurrah in politics, a remark he also made in the 2013 polls when he defeated then Mayor Lim.
55 at Roscommon yesterday - they were on the Jessica Harrington-trained winner The Last Hurrah, tipped by Tom Segal at a massive 12-1 (SP 5-1 joint-favourite) Pricewise Extra is the only service that digs out the best of the morning prices every day Don't miss out - log on to Tipping from noon SUNDAY WINNER
It left manager Steve Bruce scratching his head at Djourou's determination to have a last hurrah before finally succumbing.