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final hurrah

A last action before one ceases to do something. It's so good to see all of you at this meeting, my final hurrah before retirement. But this performance is your final hurrah before graduation—you have to do it!
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Hip, hip, hurrah!

An exclamation of praise, congratulations, or celebration. Often said as a call-and-response, in which one person prompts with "hip, hip," while the other person or people respond with "hurrah!" A: "Three cheers for Sarah, the savior of the company! Hip, hip!" B:"Hurrah!" A: "Hip, hip!" B: "Hurrah!" A: "Hip, hip!" B: "Hurrah!" Happy Birthday, Tommy! Hip, hip, hurrah!

hurrah's nest

A mess; a disorganized pile. Boy, these clothes are a hurrah's nest right now—can you help me sort them?
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last hurrah

A final act, achievement, or effort. Finishing the month-long project was Cheri's last hurrah before she left the company to pursue another opportunity.
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last hurrah

a final act, performance, or effort, especially in politics. chiefly US
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last hurrah

A final appearance, especially at the end of one's career. The phrase has a bittersweet, if not sad, connotation, since it's applied to the end of a person's life's work. It could refer to a musical or theatrical performance or the end of a political career—the final time that the person will hear an audience or crowd shouting in praise. Swan song has a similar meaning, although not always used in a positive sense.
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c) Sing in response to the English anthem: 'You can shove your blinkin' chariots up your hurrahs, up your hurrahs!' (to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes, when she comes!')
Rather I took the path that so many other skaters have taken, the "last hurrah" road trip.
Hip-Hop Hurrah San Francisco 2001 Hip-Hop DanceFest Theater Artaud San Francisco, California November 8-18, 2001
HURRAH, Connor Cruise (son of the Top Gun star) has a secret wild streak after all.
And forecasters predict a "last hurrah" across most of the country today with Londoners set to enjoy the highest temperatures.
"Let's say he isn't bad enough not to run, and as it will be his last hurrah, and the fact that the Derby only happens once a year, we'll let him take his chance.
"But this also tells us that the Christmas season is more important than ever this year as retailers look to reap the benefits of the last hurrah."
HURRAH for boffin Oliver Blackwell at the University of Plymouth who has invented a gizmo which washes, dries and irons your clothes.
But he was tempted out of retirement to join Nicklaus' final hurrah.
I'm hoping it will be three cheers for Boy's Hurrah at Sandown today when he attempts a course hat-trick in the Agfa Diamond Handicap Chase.
Johnson also sends Boy's Hurrah on the long journey down to the Surrey track for the Esher News And Mail Handicap Chase, and this lightly-raced eight-year-old has an undeniable chance.
It left manager Steve Bruce scratching his head at Djourou's determination to have a last hurrah before finally succumbing.
Moyes should give him the captaincy for the rest of the season and see if that persuades him to stick around for one last hurrah! We could certainly do with him.
However, approaching his final hurrah we yet may say Shearer this was your finest hour.
So far, so good, but her formula - slow build-ups leading to big, on-theedge-of-hysteria choruses - begins to wear before the big final hurrah. There's still a lot that's alluring and out of the ordinary here, so she should do well with young fans looking for a PJ Harvey or Kate Bush of their own - until they discover the originals.