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hurl insults (at someone)

 and throw insults (at someone)
Fig. to direct insults at someone; to say something insulting directly to someone. Anne hurled an insult at Bob that made him very angry. If you two would stop throwing insults, we could have a serious discussion.
See also: hurl, insult

hurl someone or something at someone or something

to throw someone or something at someone or something. The huge man actually hurled me at the tree. Larry hurled his shoe at me.
See also: hurl

hurl someone or something down

to throw or push someone or something downward to the ground. Roger hurled the football down and it bounced away wildly. He hurled down the football in anger. The angry player hurled the ball down.
See also: down, hurl

hurl someone or something into something

to throw someone or something into something. She hurled the little boys into the storm cellar and went back to the house for the dog. Sharon hurled her belongings into the suitcase and jammed it closed.
See also: hurl

hurl someone or something out (of some place)

 and hurl someone or something out
to throw someone or something out of some place. The manager hurled them out of the tavern. The manager hurled out the annoying people.
See also: hurl, out

hurl something around

to throw something, such as words, around carelessly. Don't just go hurling foul words around like they didn't mean anything. You are just hurling around words!
See also: around, hurl

hurl something away (from someone or something)

to throw or push something away from someone or something. She hurled the bricks away from the partially buried child. Hurl away the bricks as fast as you can.
See also: away, hurl


1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (see also earl.) I think I gotta go hurl.
2. n. vomit. There’s hurl all over the bathroom floor!
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According to reports, the youth, who had hurled the shoe, has been taken into custody and is being interrogated.
A slipper was hurled at Team Anna members during a public rally in Uttarakhand's Dehradun city on Saturday.
Diseased cadavers hurled into the city could easily have transmitted plague, as defenders handled the cadavers during disposal.
When it was released, however, it hurled down upon a city's walls, not a little arrow but a huge rock--or hurled it over the wall and into the city.
Amir Hamza, a resident of Pir Wadhai, lodged a complaint with the local police that unknown person called him on phone and hurled life threats while abusing.
Meanwhile, Shahzad Ahmed, a resident of Rawat, lodged a complaint with the local police that his father Khurshid Ahmed and brother in law Javed were at his home when Ameerzada, Khanzada and accomplice along with weapons stormed into his house by scaling the wall and hurled life threats at him.
Sabia, a resident of Westridge, lodged a complaint with the local police that Khan and Israr hurled life threats to her on phone over a petty issue.
15 (ANI): As part of a ritual in a temple in Maharashtra's Jalna town, children were hurled from a height of 40 feet in the belief that it would enhance the kids' physical health and stamina.
Ex-AllStar Larkin knows both sides of the problem because he hurled for Kilkenny and claimed three All-Irelands as a rugged defender.
Kelleher hurled at minor, U21 and senior level for Waterford but has been resident in Dublin for over 30 years.
Having hurled all his life with his native club Clarinbridge, Kerins only took up football this year to help with match fitness.
Sufiyan Haider, a resident of H-10, lodged a complaint with the local police that Nazir Ullah, Imdad and his friend turned up at his shop and hurled life threats at him over a petty issue.
AN RAF rescue pilot watched in disbelief as a vandal hurled a half-pound block of ice at his helicopter.
DERRY'S dual star Geoffrey McGonigle believes he was kicked off the senior football panel at the weekend because he hurled for his native county.