hurl insults

hurl insults (at someone)

 and throw insults (at someone)
Fig. to direct insults at someone; to say something insulting directly to someone. Anne hurled an insult at Bob that made him very angry. If you two would stop throwing insults, we could have a serious discussion.
See also: hurl, insult
References in classic literature ?
Tarzan on his part never lost an opportunity to show that he fully reciprocated his foster father's sentiments, and whenever he could safely annoy him or make faces at him or hurl insults upon him from the safety of his mother's arms, or the slender branches of the higher trees, he did so.
THE RECENT amusing stories of long ago such as those sent in by David Prichard and Barbara MacArthur make a welcome change to the doom and gloom ones from local councillors who seem to regard Feedback as their own stage on which to hurl insults.
Yet, the victim told the investigator that he did not respond to the accused's messages, which made him to hurl insults and curse at him.
Leaving Shirley with Shazza probably isn't the best idea, as the, ahem, 'ladies' start to hurl insults at one another.
After all, how brave it is of a group of males in a car, in the centre lane of a busy dual carriageway, to hurl insults at a lone female, guilty of nothing more than waiting for her bus to go to work.
Sabella and his players were given a hostile welcome to Peru, with upwards of 200 locals lining the streets to hurl insults at them.
Because his party - Lib Dems - have taken such a battering in the recent local election, his only defence is to hurl insults at the Labour Party.
Ahly fans usually hurl insults at the 24-year-old during the explosive Cairo derby.
We do not invite the president of the United States into the House of Representatives and hurl insults," said Republican Earl Pomeroy.
A few Bilbao followers chanted incessantly a few rows below us, but rather than launch projectiles at them and hurl insults, as is the typical way to treat away supporters in England, the Barca masses just left them to it, admiring their defiance in the face of Barca's dominance on the pitch, where Ronaldinho (right) and his pals were demonstrating a preposterous range of skills.
When the warring wives come face-to-face they hurl insults at each other and cameramen have to stop the beautician chasing her rival round the room.
The phrase "United Europe" has a hollow ring nowadays as the Germans and Italians hurl insults at one another.
But as both sides of the debate hurl insults at each other for party political gain, we should pause to consider the human tragedy of the hidden victims caught in the crossfire.
In February, stunned onlookers saw the 49-year-old jump to his feet at the High Court in Aberdeen and hurl insults at Lord Marnoch.
Lads, if you want to hurl insults that leave your victims gobsmacked, take a leaf out of Alexander Hleb's book.