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head hunter

1. Someone who recruits employees for a business or corporation. I'm not actively looking for a new job, but this head hunter for a big firm keeps calling me, so I might as well hear her pitch.
2. A member of a tribe who decapitates other people and preserves their heads as souvenirs. Be careful exploring that part of the rainforest—it's home to a tribe of head hunters!
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*hungry as a bear

 and *hungry as a hunter
Cliché very hungry. (*Also: as ~.) I'm as hungry as a bear. I could eat anything! We'd better have a big meal ready by the time Tommy gets home; he's always hungry as a hunter after soccer practice.
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References in classic literature ?
Leo Hunter, playfully tapping the editor's arm with her fan (Minerva with a fan
Leo Hunter, bestowing another tap on the slumbering lion of the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
Leo Hunter to a well-whiskered individual in a foreign uniform, who was passing by.
Leo Hunter professed her perfect willingness to recite the ode again, her kind and considerate friends wouldn't hear of it on any account; and the refreshment room being thrown open, all the people who had ever been there before, scrambled in with all possible despatch-- Mrs.
The Hunter now lay down and slept off his weariness.
Then thought the Hunter, 'The cabbage must have already begun to work.
When the Hunter had washed his face, so that the changed ones might know him, he went into the yard, saying, 'Now you shall receive a reward for your faithlessness.
They were chiefly the settlers of the western part of Missouri, who are the most famous bee hunters on the frontier, and whose favorite hunting ground lies within the lands of the Kansas tribe.
I remember, later in the voyage, seeing Kerfoot, another of the hunters, lose a finger by having it smashed to a jelly; and he did not even murmur or change the expression on his face.
For the most part, the remaining four hunters leaned on the table or lay in their bunks and left the discussion to the two antagonists.
The hunters were still arguing and roaring like some semi-human amphibious breed.
Voices were heard faintly halloaing in the direction of the two gigs; and though this reassured us for Joyce and Hunter, who were well to the eastward, it warned our party to be off.
Let him go; it will teach him a lesson," the hunters said.
I am minded to build me an IGLOO," he said one day to Klosh-Kwan and a number of the hunters.
So, on his next trip, Bim and Bawn, two young men, and of hunters the craftiest, followed after him, taking care not to be seen.