hunt for

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hunt for (someone or something)

1. To engage in the sport of hunting. Last I heard, they were going out to hunt for quail.
2. To search for someone or something. I'm hunting for an extra cookie pan, but I can't find a thing in all this mess!
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hunt for someone or something

1. to chase someone or something for sport. The hunter hunted for grouse on the game preserve. Frank likes to hunt for deer.
2. to look for someone or something. I am hunting for someone to help me with the piano. lam hunting for a new piano.
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The hunt was for pronghorns in New Mexico, so it was not a physically demanding hunt and I wasn't on a remote mountain range, but I realized a large part of the hunt for me is sharing it with family and friends.
There are plenty of hunters that hunt here that wander around or pick a spot and hunt for a day.
If you're fortunate enough to have friends who own land, you may find you have a ready place to hunt for the asking; if that's the case, you are among the few and fortunate.
Greenhill's Annual Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt: Attendees are invited Saturday to bring their well-mannered, leashed dogs and a basket to hunt for 3,000 eggs filled with treats donated by Not for Dogs Only.
A group of hunters from Germany has come to Ankara's Kyzylcahamam district to take part in a five-day driven hunt for wild boar.