hunt for

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hunt for someone or something

1. to chase someone or something for sport. The hunter hunted for grouse on the game preserve. Frank likes to hunt for deer.
2. to look for someone or something. I am hunting for someone to help me with the piano. lam hunting for a new piano.
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At noon, children ages 3-7 will hunt for eggs and kids 8-15 will compete in a scavenger hunt.
Hunting Unlimited puts players in the hunt for five different species of animals, White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Grizzly Bear, Moose and Elk, all with realistic behaviors.
He'll star with Hunt for the first three weeks of the production's run, beginning Thursday.
Hunt for future growth and success in the truckload segment," Thompson said.
Set among rolling hills covered with grass, oak tees and pines, the club sends hunters out with dogs and handlers to hunt for pheasant, chukar, bobwhite and valley quail, and puts on monthly ``continental style'' pheasant shoots in which hunters standing at at hay-bale shooting stations fire at birds driven toward them.
QUARTZ HILL: Egg hunt for ages 2 to 10 begins at noon on April 3 at George Lane Park, 5520 W.