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According to Mujeeb Sadar of G-B wildlife department, the hunted markhor was healthy at the time of the hunt, with horn size 41 inches and weight 90 kilogrammes.
Top officials, judges and their guests also hunted rare species in various areas after getting permits.
A spokesperson for the Cheshire Forest Hunt said: "The Cheshire Forest Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004.
"The hunts might claim it's a legal activity, but the evidence tells a very different story."
I went on a semi-guided hunt for Coues deer in Mexico and had a great trip, but I paid more money than what a DIY hunt in Arizona would have cost me.
Late spring is the time to apply for many hunts. The application period for Statewide Alligator Harvest Permits opens May 18 and runs for only ten days.
Much as the hunts and their followers would have us all believe they only follow a false trail of fox urine, you must remember this is presumably laid in areas where foxes reside.
"I've been fortunate to meet and get to hunt with some very talented, honestly addicted female hunters," she notes.
It certainly isn't necessary to participate in hunt tests, but I do believe it is beneficial.
Heythrop Hunt was convicted three years ago of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs.
The video, released by West Midlands Hunt Sabateurs, shows a young man in a 'hunt steward' hoodie spinning the Canadian goose's head around before another steward launches a kick in the direction of the lifeless bird.
Arlington, VA, August 29, 2015 --( Thrill of the Hunt is proud to announce the return of the Singles Scavenger Hunt at the Ireland's Four Courts in Arlington, VA, on the evening of Saturday, September 19th.
The main street in the historic market town of Cowbridge was lined with several hundred people who braved persistent rain and a chilly wind to watch and applaud the start of the Glamorgan Hunt Boxing Day meet.
HUNT supporters attended opening meets across the region on Saturday.
Junior Hunters (12- through 15-year-olds) can hunt only under supervision of a licensed parent or guardian, or adult hunter designated in writing by the parent or guardian.