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be hunky-dory

slang To be fine or all right. Don't worry about us, everything is hunky-dory here.


and honkey and honkie and hunky
1. n. a white male; a Caucasian. (Black. Not necessarily derogatory. A pronunciation variant of hunky. Compare to jonx = junks.) Some honky was around asking for you.
2. mod. in the manner of a Caucasian; white-like. That’s honky music. I want to hear soul.


See honky


mod. fine; okay. As a matter of fact, everything is just hunky-dory.
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We're looking for Britain's hunkiest plasterers, brickies and scaffolders.
A spokesman said: "It will be a night of fiery flesh and blazing bodies as the hunkiest men in the force flaunt their stuff.
The site describes its jailbirds as "the hottest, succulent, juiciest, gorgeous, hunkiest, most muscle-throbbing, adorable, cutest, piece[s] of man meat .
Next year's calendar - which was shot by renowned London photographer Luke Varley - features championship 100 metre hurdler Sara McGreavy and two of Coventry City's hunkiest footballers.
Hankies at the ready ladies - it's Liam's funeral, so feel free to have a good blub as Weatherfield's hunkiest rag trade boss is buried.
And as she's single, she freely admits she is favouring the hunkiest candidates.
IF COLIN Farrell is Ireland's hunkiest young star, Cillian Murphy is probably its most talented.
GARAM Masala brings together two of the hunkiest Bollywood actors in recent years.
TWO of Hollyoaks hunkiest stars took a shine to Big Brother winner Nadia when she filmed a special one-off scene for the Channel 4 soap.
What can you say about a film in which the writer-director (Moises Kaufman) gets the hunkiest member of the cast (Nestor Carbonell) to play himself?
The hunkiest, chunkiest guys in town are not to be found on stage any more.
The hunkiest is a journalist (Josh Duhamel), but are his intentions honourable or should she give the others - including Jon 'Napoleon Dynamite' Heder and even Danny DeVito (left) - a chance?
After that incident, Pitt has got a no physical contact clause, which means any journalist who wants to sit down with one of Hollywood's hunkiest dads will have to first agree to keep their paws off the pretty boy.
Colin is relieved he is more covered up because he is only too aware that even some of the hunkiest stars of Hollywood, like Brad Pitt in Troy, have some difficulties with that sort of outfit.