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be hunky-dory

slang To be fine or all right. Don't worry about us, everything is hunky-dory here.


and honkey and honkie and hunky
1. n. a white male; a Caucasian. (Black. Not necessarily derogatory. A pronunciation variant of hunky. Compare to jonx = junks.) Some honky was around asking for you.
2. mod. in the manner of a Caucasian; white-like. That’s honky music. I want to hear soul.


See honky


mod. fine; okay. As a matter of fact, everything is just hunky-dory.
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Her husband Karl cheated on her, Mike dumped her after discovering she'd sent Zach away, and now Dr Ron, who'd be anybody else's ideal mate, isn't sure where he stands after she confessed, while under the influence of anaesthetic, to still being in love with Wisteria Lane's hunkiest plumber.
Fimmel doesn't talk much on the series - yet - but with those six-pack abs and smooth moves, he's sure to be voted hunkiest knuckle-walker of the new season.
From geeky schoolboy specs appeal to gorgeous grown-up sex appeal, Gethin Jones is flying the flag for Wales having made it into Britain's top 50 hunkiest single men in the annual competition run by trendy Company magazine.
She said: "All my friends were jealous of me talking to him as he is one of the hunkiest footballers in the Premiership.
They're all playing gay in Showtime's Common Group, a trilogy about gay life in small-town Connecticut that takes our Hunkiest Cast of the Year Award even though it won't air until sometime in 2000.
She has been left all a-quiver on the sofa by some of Hollywood's hunkiest heart-throbs, but pretty presenter Alex Jones only has eyes for one man.
The site describes its jailbirds as "the hottest, succulent, juiciest, gorgeous, hunkiest, most muscle-throbbing, adorable, cutest, piece[s] of man meat .
Next year's calendar - which was shot by renowned London photographer Luke Varley - features championship 100 metre hurdler Sara McGreavy and two of Coventry City's hunkiest footballers.
Hankies at the ready ladies - it's Liam's funeral, so feel free to have a good blub as Weatherfield's hunkiest rag trade boss is buried.
And as she's single, she freely admits she is favouring the hunkiest candidates.
IF COLIN Farrell is Ireland's hunkiest young star, Cillian Murphy is probably its most talented.
GARAM Masala brings together two of the hunkiest Bollywood actors in recent years.
TWO of Hollyoaks hunkiest stars took a shine to Big Brother winner Nadia when she filmed a special one-off scene for the Channel 4 soap.
We have the hunkiest men of any movie coming out this Christmas.