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hunker down

1. Literally, to squat. The magician hunkered down to make himself eyelevel to the children.
2. To seek refuge in a particular place or area. We hunkered down at home with some movies while the blizzard raged all weekend.
3. To begin to work on something in a determined matter. I can't believe I didn't get an A on my project after I'd hunkered down all weekend to do it!
4. To stubbornly maintain some belief. It seems he's hunkered down and will never see me as anything but the villain in his life.
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hunker down (on something)

Fig. to squat down on one's heels, a stool, a stone, etc. Jeff hunkered down on the pavement and watched the world go by. He hunkered down to take a rest.
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hunker down to something

Fig. to apply oneself to something, to get started working at something. I hunkered down to my chores, hoping to get them done before noon. If you want to get a good grade on that report, you'd better hunker down to it.
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on your ˈhunkers

sitting on your heels with your knees bent up in front of you: The little boy took out his favourite red sports car, and was delighted when Tom went down on his hunkers and admired the toy.
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hunker down

1. To sit on the heels with the knees bent forward; squat: My personal trainer hunkered down to help me with the barbells.
2. To take shelter or refuge: The campers hunkered down in the cabin during the blizzard.
3. To hold stubbornly to some position: The candidates hunkered down and refused to admit their mistakes.
4. To apply oneself and start working seriously at something: You need to hunker down and study if you're going to pass that test.
See also: down, hunker
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In the house, Kristen and Kevin Brown, the family's pool boy, were hunkered over Carole Nordella's body, telling police that a man broke in and assaulted them.
With little to go on besides a few credible and more not-so-credible sightings from hunters, bird-watchers, and assorted characters, Gallagher and his crew spent weeks and months camped in the wilderness and hunkered down in canoes, hoping, essentially, to see a ghost.
Rafael Moneo's ill-fated Museum of Modern Art (AR November 1998) which recently reopened after a three-year closure to climinate an outbreak of mould, is hunkered down on the island of Skeppsholm as though it wanted to be invisible; and the extension to the King's Library is largely underground.
But enough excerpts have been reported to confirm that he has joined the ranks of those Christians who, in hunkered poses, fantasize that secular society is persecuting them.
Senior cabinet officials were hunkered down at the city's emergency operations center.
As Timbo and Jimbo hunkered in the locker room, bunkered Monty took the chance for a bit of shut-eye - dreaming perhaps of sunnier days at The Open at Carnoustie next month.
He becomes silent, his eyebrows lowering, hunkered down in a booth at Earl's Corner Cafe, an old-fashioned diner just half a mile up from Orange Shoals.
There are hundreds, thousands of gay and lesbian servicemen and women waiting overseas for the final order from President Bush, hunkered down by the militarily imposed closet and now by the lack of any visible support from their own community.
In the first heat, Travone ducked low, popped up to rub his neck and smile at his mother, Barbara Stribling chanting from the side-lines, then he hunkered down and got back to business.
It's common (more like a dead certainty) to find guests, festival staff and anyone else who cares to join in hunkered down at the bar until the wee hours, enjoying Edmontonians' legendary friendliness, openness and capacity for ale.
Historically, once litigation was initiated, the insurance company hunkered down, prepared for litigation and took steps to defend the claim.
And our savvy team on the ground here in Tokyo is hunkered down in the city's thoroughfares and alleyways to register the latest buzz from the bastions of tech, branding and corporate enterprise.
case of mad cow disease, the leaders of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the Cattlemen's Beef Board were hunkered down in a conference room at their headquarters in Colorado.
Cabin Fever courts received plot points even more aggressively: There's a domestic fight with screams and shattering dishes, and a pair of surveillance agents hunkered in the woods.
Despite the political attacks, Garcetti remained hunkered down, hoping his unwillingness to even acknowledge his opponents would diminish their credibility.