hungry for

hungry for something

Fig. desiring something, often something other than food. The orphan was hungry for the warmth of a family. Bill has become hungry for knowledge and is always studying.
See also: hungry
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These ghosts are said to be the souls of people who were deceitful, greedy and selfish, traits which they carry into the afterlife as a hungry ghost, constantly hungry for particular objects.
We're just hungry for ribs and the mosquitoes are hungry for us,'' the Los Angeles resident said.
She sees Christ in disguise in the hungry, naked, and homeless: "hungry not only for bread - but hungry for love.
From May through August of this year, the Arby's Foundation took to the road during an 8,000 mile, 15-city Hungry For Happiness tour to raise awareness about childhood hunger and connect kids to one million more meals during the vulnerable summer months.
Patients often tell me they feel hungry for air and it feels like they are breathing through a straw," said Dr.
We're also hungry for touch: for the hug, hold, and comfort of another's hand, for the soft caress of a lover, for the rocking coziness of a nursing mother, even for the gentle stroke of a purring pet.
And our skin, which has about 50 touch receptors for every square centimeter and about 5 million sensory cells overall, is hungry for touch.
Industry players hungry for competitive data, prepare
As retailers and restaurants across the country prepare to go on a technology spending spree, vendors and competitors are hungry for information about the major players and their existing IT systems.