hungry for

hungry for (something)

Strongly desiring something. Want to stop at McDonald's? I'm hungry for some of their fries. If she's not hungry for a medal, there's no way she'll be able to beat her fellow competitors.
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hungry for something

Fig. desiring something, often something other than food. The orphan was hungry for the warmth of a family. Bill has become hungry for knowledge and is always studying.
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Noodles will partner with No Kid Hungry for a fourth year and offer guests a free Shareable with $2 donation during Hunger Action Month in September.
These ghosts are said to be the souls of people who were deceitful, greedy and selfish, traits which they carry into the afterlife as a hungry ghost, constantly hungry for particular objects.
ALMOST half of Newcastle's teachers see teenagers arriving hungry for school one or two days a week, a new study has revealed.
CAMPAIGNERS from all over England and Wales came together in London to launch a new campaign: 'Hungry for Change' calling for fundamental changes in the global food system so that power is more justly shared between rich and poor people, and more people can have access to enough food.
Five young people from North Wales, including Martha Barnes from Rhosllannerchrugog, Clare O'Connor and Katja Jewell, got up at 6am to journey to London to show their support for 'Hungry for Change' and learn more about how they can support this campaign.
This is the second progress report on "Hungry for Success." It includes evidence from primary, special and secondary schools.
Hungry for Health features over 150 healthful, simple and tasty recipes, from 'Appetizers and Snacks' to 'Entrees and Sides', and also incorporates informative sidebars with 'Tasty Tips', 'Helpful Hints' or 'Nutri-Notes'.
A GROUP of scouts near Rugby are preparing to go hungry for 24 hours this weekend to raise money for starving people.
"People are hungry for something that's exciting and glamorous, which of course always attracted the gays," declares Tee, who--as the organizer of the Luxx parties and the festival--has emerged as the scene's go-to guy.
She sees Christ in disguise in the hungry, naked, and homeless: "hungry not only for bread - but hungry for love.
"Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth or power .
This document is intended to build on the advice given in the publication "How good is our school?" It is intended to be of use to staff in local authorities and schools who are involved in implementing the recommendations of "Hungry for Success." This guide can be used to support in evaluating effectiveness in implementing "Hungry for Success." It has been prepared using evidence from inspections of "Hungry for Success" in primary and special schools.
Of course it's not just light our skin is hungry for. We're also hungry for touch: for the hug, hold, and comfort of another's hand, for the soft caress of a lover, for the rocking coziness of a nursing mother, even for the gentle stroke of a purring pet.