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stay hungry

To remain determined, competitive, motivated, and active in one's hopes, ambitions, or goals; to keep oneself from becoming complacent or self-satisfied with less than one might potentially achieve. You've got a lot of skill, kid, and you're one of the best fighters in the city—but you've got to stay hungry and never lose sight of the biggest prizes out there! It was hard staying hungry after finding such success with my first novel. I just found I wasn't as driven to write when I'd already garnered so much praise and recognition.
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go hungry

to miss a meal and end up hungry. The kids were late for dinner so they had to go hungry.
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*hungry as a bear

 and *hungry as a hunter
Cliché very hungry. (*Also: as ~.) I'm as hungry as a bear. I could eat anything! We'd better have a big meal ready by the time Tommy gets home; he's always hungry as a hunter after soccer practice.
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hungry for something

Fig. desiring something, often something other than food. The orphan was hungry for the warmth of a family. Bill has become hungry for knowledge and is always studying.
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the hungries

n. hunger. I get the hungries about this time every day.
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1. mod. eager to make money. When he gets hungry for wealth, he’ll get busy.
2. mod. ambitious. He gets ahead because he’s hungry.
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Our boys hungrily tucked into several portions of the tasty, crispy meat.
Carols are the soundtrack of our Christmases: They exist not only in the church, but in the kitchen and the dining room; they're there when we meditate on the glorious gift of the birth and also when we hungrily rip the wrapping off our presents.
Speculation ranges for why China isn't buying as hungrily as anticipated, but some sources say it's because China is suffering from some of the same high costs--like energy-as the United States.
Corporate American icons like Maytag and Unocal have been hungrily pursued by powerhouses out of China, and big-ticket items like cars and PCs manufactured by Chinese companies are aggressively elbowing their way into the U.
I hungrily devoured it in just over twenty-four hours.
A United Nations conference approved a proposal by African countries to control trade in a rare plant sought hungrily by drug companies for its appetite-suppressing properties.
I lay her down deep into God's plush carpet and hungrily enter her hot nervous body.
We don't feel stupidly or hungrily or angrily any more than we seem stupidly or hungrily or angrily.
His story is dispersed in bits and pieces that must be carefully collected and unified by the reader; but it is a fairly complete story covering the period from the time he is a baby hungrily suckling his mother's breast with eyes that "would slide, squint, and close from pleasure each time he swallowed" to his return to her as a man whose life begins anew when he finds true love after trials and tribulations.
The intense competition felt in most major consumer markets for nonwovens have created exorbitant marketing budgets as companies vie hungrily for market share.
We are rarely known to refuse offers of free food, so a delivery of savoury snacks accompanied by a new range of dips was hungrily inspected and munched by a willing army of guinea pigs.
A pair of acrobatic American goldfinches alight on a cylindrical hanging bird feeder, hungrily searching for thistle seeds.
They hungrily agreed, and we shared hot food and stories," Ross wrote.