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stay hungry

To remain determined, competitive, motivated, and active in one's hopes, ambitions, or goals; to keep oneself from becoming complacent or self-satisfied with less than one might potentially achieve. You've got a lot of skill, kid, and you're one of the best fighters in the city—but you've got to stay hungry and never lose sight of the biggest prizes out there! It was hard staying hungry after finding such success with my first novel. I just found I wasn't as driven to write when I'd already garnered so much praise and recognition.
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go hungry

to miss a meal and end up hungry. The kids were late for dinner so they had to go hungry.
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*hungry as a bear

 and *hungry as a hunter
Cliché very hungry. (*Also: as ~.) I'm as hungry as a bear. I could eat anything! We'd better have a big meal ready by the time Tommy gets home; he's always hungry as a hunter after soccer practice.
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hungry for something

Fig. desiring something, often something other than food. The orphan was hungry for the warmth of a family. Bill has become hungry for knowledge and is always studying.
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the hungries

n. hunger. I get the hungries about this time every day.
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1. mod. eager to make money. When he gets hungry for wealth, he’ll get busy.
2. mod. ambitious. He gets ahead because he’s hungry.
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At the Nurnberg Kunstahalle, the LA-based artist has mounted his hungriest show to date, "The Purple Penis and the Venus (Installed in the Seven Stomachs of Nurnberg).
The hungriest extortionists will entice you to borrow money and then will try to collect on this new debt.
Just when you're hungriest for spring to begin, the buds of flowering quince start to break open.
Those hungriest for these applications were companies with manufacturing operations based along the Eastern seaboard and mid- to southern California.
Breakfast serves you everything from 'the full Cotswold' with tasty local bacon and sausage, to enough smoked salmon and scrambled egg to keep the hungriest walker fuelled for hours.
However, smallholders are paradoxically still among the world s poorest and hungriest groups, a situation that must be overturned.
The Hungriest Chickadee is a children's picturebook about sympathy for the littlest of birds surviving a cold and hungry winter.
STUDENTS have given a helping hand to feed the city's hungriest people.
On pages 20-21 Rin Simpson looks at what you can do to help wild creatures survive through the winter - and don't forget, the hungriest time comes at the end of winter, when nature's food stocks have run low but new ones have not yet become available.
Half of the world's hungriest people are farmers, which seems unfair when many of them are growing the products that we enjoy every day.
The four-time US Open champion made the comment at the draw on Thursday, saying Murray, who has reached three slam finals and lost all of them, should be the hungriest player in the tournament.
STEVE SIDWELL has revealed how a four-year football famine turned him into the hungriest player in the Premier League.
The latest Aid agencies' warning indicates that the world hungriest place
O'Neill said: "John at his hungriest can perform like that.
Year in, year out, governments have supported WFP in its mission to feedthe world's hungriest people, but they cannot be expected to do it alone,"Sheeran added.