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stay hungry

To remain determined, competitive, motivated, and active in one's hopes, ambitions, or goals; to keep oneself from becoming complacent or self-satisfied with less than one might potentially achieve. You've got a lot of skill, kid, and you're one of the best fighters in the city—but you've got to stay hungry and never lose sight of the biggest prizes out there! It was hard staying hungry after finding such success with my first novel. I just found I wasn't as driven to write when I'd already garnered so much praise and recognition.
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go hungry

to miss a meal and end up hungry. The kids were late for dinner so they had to go hungry.
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*hungry as a bear

 and *hungry as a hunter
Cliché very hungry. (*Also: as ~.) I'm as hungry as a bear. I could eat anything! We'd better have a big meal ready by the time Tommy gets home; he's always hungry as a hunter after soccer practice.
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hungry for something

Fig. desiring something, often something other than food. The orphan was hungry for the warmth of a family. Bill has become hungry for knowledge and is always studying.
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the hungries

n. hunger. I get the hungries about this time every day.
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1. mod. eager to make money. When he gets hungry for wealth, he’ll get busy.
2. mod. ambitious. He gets ahead because he’s hungry.
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We are even hungrier this year to get back into the competition and go again.
The hungrier nestlings called more rapidly and frequently.
Skipping breakfast means you're hungrier later in the day and tend to grab cookies instead of carrots.
Less renowned but hungrier, Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had no such restraints.
Now its hungrier cousins are eating their way through thousands of southern trees.
Cadle disputes that Sheffield are hungrier for success than London.
This is not necessarily good news because, when they do emerge (protective mothers with four to six skunklets in tow, all armed and ready to shoot) they'll be hungrier and more aggressiveA?
However, competition is coming, in the form of cable companies, DBS providers, hungrier RBOCs, cellular providers, and eventually others.
GATESHEAD Thunder head coach Kevin Neighbour feels his side's two-week lay-off will make them hungrier to play ahead of tomorrow's fixture at league leaders North Wales Crusaders.
A Lahm call for Bayern by Tom HopkinsonEXCLUSIVE PHILIPP LAHM has warned Arsenal that last season's Champions League final defeat by Chelsea has made Bayern Munich even hungrier.
SCOTT McDONALD feels he is hungrier than ever after ending his Middlesbrough exile in style.
2 LEAGUE leaders Banks dropped their first points of the season when they were beaten by a much hungrier Barney.
Washington, Mar 30 ( ANI ): Scientists have shown for the first time that infection with dengue virus turns on mosquito genes that makes them hungrier and better feeders, and therefore possibly more likely to spread the disease to humans.
DAVID HAYE fired a message to the Klitschko brothers that he will be ready for action by the end of July and hungrier than ever for a shot at a world title.
BOXING: David Haye fired a message to the Klitschko brothers that he will be ready for action by the end of July and hungrier than ever for a shot at a world title.