hunger for

hunger for (something)

To have an intense desire, yearning, or need for something. Even from a young age he hungered for knowledge, devouring any he could get his hands on. Growing up in such a small, secluded town, I constantly hungered for romance and adventure.
See also: hunger

hunger for someone or something

to desire someone or something; to yearn for someone or something. I hunger for you. I want you madly. He looked at the cake and you could see he was hungering for it. The prisoner was consumed with a hunger for freedom.
See also: hunger
References in classic literature ?
A hunger ariseth out of my beauty: I should like to injure those I illumine; I should like to rob those I have gifted:--thus do I hunger for wickedness.
Withdrawing my hand when another hand already stretcheth out to it; hesitating like the cascade, which hesitateth even in its leap:--thus do I hunger for wickedness!
And driving his ass before him he begged his master to follow, who, feeling that Sancho was right, did so without replying; and after proceeding some little distance between two hills they found themselves in a wide and retired valley, where they alighted, and Sancho unloaded his beast, and stretched upon the green grass, with hunger for sauce, they breakfasted, dined, lunched, and supped all at once, satisfying their appetites with more than one store of cold meat which the dead man's clerical gentlemen (who seldom put themselves on short allowance) had brought with them on their sumpter mule.
The number of Filipino families who said they have experienced involuntary hunger for lack of anything to eat increased to 3.
6 seconds); eight hundred twenty thousand lack adequate food (one in eight worldwide); and on September 11, 2001, there were twelve dead from hunger for every victim in New York (1).
Before all else then, the fasting we do in Lent is about this love for the poor and thus the hunger for justice to be done.
Thanks to Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger for this list of ideas.
When I saw you handing out the hosts, those pieces of white bread, I went to communion just out of hunger for that little bit of bread.
The other is the being I must not eat (though it is indeed my nature to hunger for his substance).